Q1 2020

MEAMARKETS / Q1 2020 5 NEWS , Under the partnership, Mind- ware will market Microsoft’s Original Equipment Man- ufacturer (OEM) products, which includes Microsoft Windows 10, Windows Server 2019 and Microsoft Office 2019, across the GCC. Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Nicholas Argyrides, General Manager - Gulf at Mindware said, “We are delight- ed to add Microsoft’s world-class suite of OEM products to our portfolio. Micro- soft has been the product of choice over the years for both, corporate as well as individual users of desktop PCs and laptops. As such, we see tremendous business potential.” Mindware currently manages volume and value licensing for the Microsoft suite of cloud solutions. The new agreement extends upon this existing partnership. For the new OEM products, Mindware will look to target small and medium busi- nesses (SMBs) as well as individual con- sumers through its reseller network. Roy Chalhoub, Device Sales Lead Middle East & Africa at Microsoft said, “Our rela- tionship with Mindware is a long standing one. Their capacity as a solid Devices Distributor will align with our strategy to attach more Genuine Software and grow the PC Market. We believe that by sign- ing this new distributorship agreement, we will be able to strengthen our reach and further engage with our channel across the region. ” Microsoft and Mindware will work jointly in promoting these OEM products. These will include roadshows, digital cam- paigns, traditional advertising and other business-relevant marketing activities. Mindware will provide support to its chan- nel partners by way of credit facilities and ongoing technical support. “Mindware is one of the largest author- ised distributors in the region. We, there- fore, have access to an extended chan- nel network that can now be leveraged to re-sell our newly introduced Microsoft OEM product line,” added Chalhoub. Malwarebytes™, a leading ad- vanced endpoint detection and remediation solution provider, re- cently announced that it has hired Dubai local Khalid Abu Baker to bolster its team in the Middle East and Africa. With over ten years of experience managing cybersecurity business in the region, Abu Bak- er’s hire amplifies Malwarebytes’ continued regional presence with key relationships to ac- celerate growth in the Middle East and Africa. “Khalid Abu Baker has a reputation for keen- ly understanding the needs of his customers. He has a deep knowledge of the cybersecurity landscape that enables him to properly posi- tion us in the market as a standout product,” said Jordan Ryan, Vice President of Sales, EMEA at Malwarebytes. “We look forward to continuing to grow our regional team and help- ing to ensure that local enterprises are being properly protected from cybersecurity threats.” Abu Baker comes to the company with over 20 years of experience serving the IT and securi- ty industries. He previously worked with other vendors including Kaspersky and Fedelis Cy- bersecurity, where he held local sales positions for over eight years. In his new role at Malware- bytes, he will be driving regional efforts to in- crease market share and recruit new custom- ers through his extensive network of contacts. “I’ve always enjoyed working with products that are built on very strong technology, and Malwarebytes has been on my radar for many years as an exceptional product that delivers unmatched value to customers,” said Khalid Abu Baker, Regional Sales Manager, META at Malwarebytes. “Malwarebytes is very well positioned to excel in the local market where there is a strong demand for incident response and remediation products, and I look forward to helping them realise this opportunity.” Amplifying Middle Eastern Presence with Strategic Hire Mindware, one of the leading Value Added Distributors (VAD’s) in the Middle East and Africa, announced that it has signed a new agreement with Microsoft. Khalid Abu Baker joins Malwarebytes’ local sales team, bringing a strong reputation for customer satisfaction and deep network of contacts.

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