Q1 2020

16 MEA MARKETS / Q1 2020 , Optimising Content DISCO launches innovative licensing platform for free and paid-for content. New features and tools streamline the way users can access and find relevant content more accurately and quickly, then acquire an instant license to re-use the content, all fully rights-cleared. SyndiGate Media Inc., the company that owns and operates DISCO, has relaunched its content marketplace platform with a new look and feel; advanced content search and filtering options; plus tools including saved searches, alerts and trending topics, which make editorial teams more efficient where the use of licensed content is concerned. Users of the platform can select from 4,000+ licensed content services to be activated, across words, images, video, audio and data content. A vast array of content formats are on offer including news, feature articles, editorial videos, documentaries, interviews, images and music among many others. DISCO can offer users access to niche, hyper- local, regional or globally recognised publishing brands. In addition to its premium paid-for content offering, DISCO now offers users access to an ever-expanding offering of totally free premium content, including articles, images, videos and other content from around the world, in multiple languages, rights-cleared and ready to use. To assist with choosing the most relevant content to be activated, DISCO has a specialist content curation team on hand to assist with recommending the right content for each user’s needs. This is a free value-added service for all DISCO users. Julia Vorotnikova, Business Development Manager at Microsoft News commented, “DISCO combines proprietary technology and tools, along with world-class journalism. The platform is a great tool for MSN’s editorial teams in various markets around the globe. We get trustworthy, diverse, multilingual content, that drive more engagements to MSN users.” The platform itself is free to use and new accounts can be created instantly at disco.info. Flexible buying and licensing models put the needs of the content buyer at the forefront, including free, pay-per-use, monthly subscriptions, or discounted packages. To help users optimise their content usage or campaigns, DISCO offers access to a team of experienced content analysts, who can assist users in identifying the topics, authors, formats and channels that their audiences care about the most. Mark Gatty Saunt, Co-Founder and Director of Content Sales and Licensing at SyndiGate commented, “We’ve created a content marketplace platform solution where user efficiency is at the heart of its design. With DISCO, there is no need to have multiple subscriptions to content services; multiple contracts; or the need to ingest content in various ways and formats, or by accessing multiple platforms. And there is no need to have to physically search for the right content each day. And there is no need to lock yourself into costly annual content subscriptions - a legacy model that favours the content provider and one that DISCO intends to change.” In addition to the new features, for users who wish to harness the power of DISCO and its content from right within their own Content Management System (CMS), platform, website, or app, DISCO now offers an advanced Content API and playground, for seamless search and retrieval of the content.