MEA October 2017

MEAMARKETS / October 2017 17 Company Name: Design Group Engineering Consultants LLC Contact Name: Damodar R Katti Designation: Managing Director Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Ruwi, MBD area, Way No. 3516, Building NO. 1287, 5th Floor, Office No. 52. Muscat, Sultanate of Oman Web: Founding and Managing Greatness g • Damodar R. Katti was awarded ‘Construction Executive of the year 2017’ by Construction Week Oman Awards. Integrated into the firm is the approach to client service. Reflected in its values, staff strive to provide the best possible customer service. Damodar explains how the company maintains the high standards set by himself, across all staff. “Client service is the experience we deliver to our clients. It is the promise we keep to the client. It is how we follow through for the client. It is how we make them feel when they do business with us.” “Placing a firm emphasis on our customers, our client is central to everything that we do at DGEC. Profits are certainly our goal but, without client satisfaction, profits are bound to suffer. Consequently, I attach a lot of importance to client service. A business is not worthwhile without its clients and it is important to recognize this. I believe I have strong client service skills, and working with people is certainly something I enjoy. It is not always easy of course.” There are high quality demands on the performance of staff and the company. As Damodar points out, the customer retention rate is very high for the firm with all the staff performing to the levels expected of them. With a management plan in place, Damodar tells us how he ensures each project will be completed to the utmost quality. “Here at DGEC, we constantly reaffirm client loyalty and provide sustainable cost-effective services and solutions with a view to generate maximum benefits for our clients. Each employee is expected to perform services to the expected level of quality & standards, critically examine these services with a view to improvise them and look for any lacunae that can be eliminated.” “Essentially, our Quality Management Plan defines the acceptable level of quality and describes how the project will ensure this level of quality in its deliverables and work processes. Our QMS activities ensure that deliverables meet the agreed upon standards and requirements, work processes are efficient and documented, and finally that non-conformances are identified, appropriate corrective actions taken and looped back to whoever necessary.” Discussing what makes the firm unique, Damodar explains how the firm distinguishes itself from other competitors, presenting themselves as the best possible option for clients, as he alludes to the fact that it is not just the customer service which makes it successful. “Maintaining a professional approach with a personal touch and understanding what our clients value makes DGEC a preferred choice. Growth as such is not a value. It is the way in which this growth is achieved that is important. At DGEC, we aim to grow in three ways: profitably, value-oriented, and sustainably. It is incumbent upon every professional in DGEC to find out exactly what the prospective client values. We lead with our ears and ask the questions that reveal what the prospect actually values.” Differentiating its services means DGEC is able to sell value. Making sure the client is aware that their project is unique and that a personal focus is being out into their work, the company exploits every aspect of the different nature of each individual project, something Damodar is happy to tell us about. “Commodity is a product or service with no discernible differences, one from another, that is available from multiple sources. Every effort is made to create a powerful and distinct difference to the client without which, everyone seems to be providing the same service. Here at DGEC, we have got to be different – really different. And it’s not always about price.” “Services enhancements is a major initiative at DGEC. We exploit every aspect of the difference and tie it into what the prospective client values; based on this, we come up with both UCAs (unique competitive advantages) and RAs (relative advantages). At DGEC, we harness the power of relationships and lock out the competition, regardless of the marketplace.” “Unsophisticated marketing often think the best way to get business is by under-pricing everybody else. Thin margins have put more companies out of business than any other single factor. In my opinion, this is the worst avenue of approach in trying to build a viable long-term enterprise.” Describing how it feels to have been selected in the 2017 Leading Founder and Managing Director Awards as the Most Trusted Founder and Managing Director for Providing Outstanding Business Services – Oman, Damodar is clearly thrilled, but is quick to attribute this success to his staff and clients. Expectation is growing at the company, and as it moves forward, Damodar is preparing to meet these expectations. “It is an honour and I am thrilled at being selected. However, the success truly belongs not only to each of the employees of DGEC but also our invaluable clients without whom, this feat would have been impossible. “As an individual, my role was that of an orchestra conductor whose primary responsibilities are to unify performers, set the tempo, execute clear preparations and beats, listen critically and shape the sound of the ensemble, and to control the interpretation and pacing of the music. Success brings greater responsibilities and greater expectations, and I am gearing up to meet those challenges.” Ultimately, Damodar signs off by predicting what the future holds for DGEC. He tells us about the future plans for the firm, as the company looks to diversify its services, and expand its opportunities. With Damodar at the helm, the company is well placed to build a successful future. “Looking ahead, we believe in complementing each other and move forward together. In the years to come, we see ourselves attempting larger projects by associating with one or more firms and serve the industry in a more professional manner. By doing so, it will help us in bidding diversified opportunities.” “Moving forward, we are entering a phase wherein we want to be recognized as specialist vendors in Healthcare & Educational sector. Lastly, we are confident of winning more projects in these sectors because of our in-house expertise and thorough project understandings.”