MEA November 2017

10 MEA MARKETS / November 2017 , Adamjee Life Assurance Co. provides insurance solutions to clients. The company offers a variety of products, with some relating to insurance online. A Vision Linked With a Mission Based in Karachi, Pakistan, Adamjee operates with the vision of creating a superior Global Insurance company, which will be the single largest player in the market through innovation. Innovative in a variety of areas, staff are working hard to achieve this vision through products in pricing, packaging and distribution, therefore revolutionising the industry. Furthermore, the company has a mission to deliver outstanding profitability, benefitting its customers, employees and shareholders, all the time whilst providing a premium service. For the company to be successful, all employees must be working towards reaching the same targets, and the company ensures this by embedding the firm’s vision and mission into its staff culture. Customer focused, Adamjee and its staff always place the client first, guaranteeing that clients will be satisfied and pleasantly surprised by the exceptional service and products offered to them. Founded in 2008, the formation of Adamjee Life is a result of the partnership between Adamjee Insurance and Hollard, South Africa. Both partners are well established and have a glorious legacy of providing to quality need based insurance product and services to the Pakistani market for over 60 years. Significantly, technical expertise exists not only in Pakistan but also South Africa through collaboration with Hollard Insurance Co. Ltd, the largest private insurance group in South Africa which has invested sizeable amounts in emerging markets. Possessing extensive knowledge and expertise, particularly within the local market, Adamjee is able to gain valuable consumer and market insight, and also the capability to provide comprehensive solutions to clients’ insurance products, as well as servicing requirements. Interestingly, since the partnership between the two companies, the services and products offered by the firm have been vital in Adamjee’s ongoing success. Collaboration between staff as well as the partners has been a crucial factor in producing the best products and providing the best services. Operating with a firm vision, and a linked mission, the company is also committed to many other various factors, all of which have played some part in its success. Adamjee is committed to making a difference within the community and the society it strives to serve, mostly through behaviours which demonstrate its dedication. Additionally, Adamjee adheres to applicable laws and regulations which govern company’s business conduct. The team aim to provide intelligent and innovative solutions which meet its client’s requirements through a practical approach, and this will help the company create new value, and subsequently accelerating its delivery quality system and services. A competitive industry, companies must work fast and creatively, but also maintain its integrity. Staff are engrained to promote integrity in all of the company’s relationships. All employees enjoy working at the firm, as the team aim to create a dignified workplace, based on honest, open and respectful communication, as well as fair and unbiased treatment of each other and all of its partners. 1705ME04