MEA 2017 Business Awards

10 MEA MARKETS / 2017 Business Awards , Intervid is a boutique, highly specialized technology company that provides robust, advanced and cost-effective integrated security solutions. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its success. Best Security Technology Boutique 2017 Operating in over 15 countries and drawing on more than 17 years of dedicated specialization, Intervid offers a range of solutions designed to meet the varied needs of its clients. As such, the firm owns, operates and manages information technology assets in the video, access and security space from design, implementation, financing, installation, configuration and support by partnering with its clients over the long term to solve critical information technology challenges. Additionally, as part of this, the firm provides fully integrated IP based physical security solutions across multiple industries with expertise in the Security, Airline, Aviation, Retail Banking, Logistics, Corporate, Government and Hospitality verticals. Intervid’s solutions are cost-effective, robust and involve no capex. Also, these solutions are end to end, integrating best of class technologies into a secure, fail safe, redundant network, complete with edge devices, to suit specific customer requirements. Drawing on highly trained and experienced teams of engineers, developers, manufacturers, integrators and technicians, Intervid have the expertise to handle highly complex Technical challenges and to bring forward seamless, cost effective and durable security solutions that MEA17002 Phone: +971 4 391 3650 Website: www. are supported by its ongoing fully comprehensive 24 / 7 maintenance teams. Ultimately, it is the firm’s dedication to providing clients with the solutions they need that has led Intervid to the success it enjoys today, and looking ahead the firm will continue to offer clients the exceptional service that they have come to rely on to ensure the continued success of this innovative and dynamic company. Company: Intervid International LLC Contact: Lance Dixon, Esq> Contact Email: [email protected] Dubai Address: Office #210 Publishing Pavilion, Dubai Production City, Dubai, UAE Abu Dhabi Address : Office # 412, Saman Tower, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE