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*Figures given are accurate from 17/02/2021 to 17/02/2022 MEA Markets is a quarterly publication dedicated to researching and publicising the major moves and events as they happen across the entire Middle East and African regions. Our team of highly trained and committed journalists, contributors, researchers and worldwide industry insiders are on hand to ensure that our global readership enjoys 24/7 access to timely and entertaining content that keeps them up to date with the ins and outs of this fast moving region. We always strive to get the inside track from those firms and individuals who shape the conversation, across the Middle East and Africa and also throughout their entire industry or sector. We look behind the public faces of the biggest household name companies and departments to discover what really makes them tick and to uncover, not only their secrets to success but their thoughts on the major happenings affecting their firms and their predictions for the future. Not only this, but through our work with some of the leading decision makers and best-respected contributors across myriad countries, sectors and industries, we have unparalleled access to the insights and opinions that really matter. About Us @MEAMarkets Followers- 4,168 MEA Markets Followers- 577 Impressions- 8,283 @MEA_Markets Followers- 402 Communicating effectively with our audience is key, so we utilise social media to discuss current issues and as a way of promoting articles and news stories. Connecting with our audience through social can help promote your article, increase brand awareness, and increase your own social media following Connect on Social MEA Markets has a dedicated web team, we are constantly improving and perfecting our online presence, making our website and newsletter a perfect home for your articles. We can see the success of our platform with over 500,000 page views* averaging at over 5,000 page views per month we can see our website is a source for many people. Find Us Online