MEA July 2017

98 MEA MARKETS / July 2017 , Goldfields is an unhedged, globally diversified producer of gold with eight operatingmines in Australia, Ghana, Peru and South Africa with attributable annual gold production of approximately 2.0million ounces. We profile the firm to find out more. Striking Gold Founded in 1887, Goldfields began when Cecil John Rhodes and Charles Rudd formed Gold Fields of South Africa. In 1932, the company began mining the mineral-rich West Rand, where it discovered high-yielding gold deposits. A merger between Gold Fields of South Africa and Gencor in 1998 led to the formation of Gold Fields Limited. Today, Gold Fields is a leading global gold mining company that has built on its South African reserves and resources to become a truly global miner, with eight leading mining operations across three continents. Operating offices around the world, including Ghana, Colorado and Peru, as well as its head office in South Africa, Goldfields offers a truly international reach. This helps the firm to achieve its overall mission: to become the global leader in sustainable gold mining. As such, the firm seeks to create the greatest enduring value from gold: for its investors, employees, host governments and communities. It has attributable mineral reserves of around 46 million ounces and mineral resources of around 102 million ounces. Attributable copper mineral reserves total 532 million pounds and mineral resources 5,912 million pounds. Gold Fields has a primary listing on the JSE Limited, with secondary listings on the New York Stock Exchange and the Swiss Exchange, highlighting the firm’s success. Sustainability is paramount to the firm, therefore if they cannot mine safely they do not mine in that area, and the firm seeks to enhance the environments in which it operates, and limit the impact that mining can cause. Additionally, Goldfields are committed to are creating a legacy of shared value for all its stakeholders. To ensures that the firm achieves its strategic and operational objectives and becomes as resilient as possible in the prevailing global business environment Goldfields operates its Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process. The ERM process also supports the firm’s efforts to achieve the highest levels of corporate governance, as well as full compliance with the risk management requirements of South Africa’s King III Code. The ERM process in Gold Fields is mature and fully aligned with the ISO 31 000 international risk management guideline. Strategic and operational risk management processes are integrated with the business and managed on a day-to-day basis by the firm’s executive and line management teams. Ultimately, Goldfields is the gold industry’s leader in understanding and shaping its stakeholders’ needs, and moving forward this will remain the firm’s top priority as it seeks to work towards its core goal to lead the entire market. Gold mining remains its core focus and the company continues to believe in the value and prospects of gold, and as such Goldfield will not hedge. Company: Goldfields Ghana Ltd Address: No 7 Dr Amilcar Cabral Road, Airport Residential, Accra, Ghana Phone: +233 302 770 189 /90 /91 Fax: +233 302 770 187 Website: 1702ME02