MEA July 2017

96 MEA MARKETS / July 2017 , Pyramedia provides world class media services across a full spectrumof television and film production, events, public relations, marketing and advertising, making them the only company in the regionwith such a diverse range of media services. Visionary Ideas in the Media Industry With an award- winning team from different disciplines, Pyramedia promotes a culture of variation, creativity and skill that adds exceptional value to the media experience. With offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, London, Riyadh and New York, our agile global structure enables us to provide our world-renowned media services experience to local and international clients across various geographies. Our client servicing philosophy is centred around exceeding expectations, and tailored solutions that meet the needs of our clients in a timely and creative manner. We ensure that we maintain the highest quality of service by having an exceptional team of talent, independence and dynamism. Attracting empowered and independent people who like to lead, but who have a strong sense of commitment and ownership with regards to the projects that they undertake. We have a culture of team spirit and collaboration, especially creativity and excellence. When scouting for new staff, we are always on the lookout for unique and non- conformist individuals by virtue of the nature of our business which is known for pushing boundaries and not following traditional modes of thinking. The media industry is an extremely fast-paced evolutionary field, and we seek individuals who can keep up and ride with the waves of the pace, innovate and lead projects that leave a strong mark on the industry. In the past few years, the media industry has traditioned from traditional modes of thinking to digital, virtual reality and citizen media, where stress is always placed on the role of the individual, change and speed. To keep up with this evolution, we always ensure we have a young and mature team, as well as research. We integrate modern technology and techniques of business for our own expertise, to deliver and recommend progressive and contemporary solutions for our clients. Our executive leadership team is always empowering itself and ensuring that they keep up with the latest information and trends globally to be able to bring them into the region and incorporate them in every project. We also always ensure that we are a step ahead and pioneering in all our efforts, campaigns, ideas and technology that we use for our productions. Due to this, we always have a competitive edge and are unique, since we offer a diversity of services and are not just limited to one line of business. We are able to deliver comprehensive productions with all the correct marketing and PR support, ensuring that we deliver best-in-class services to our clients, giving us an edge over our competition. The UAE is an extremely exciting part of the world to be based in, and due to its visionary leadership, it is always offering new opportunities for any business, empowering its people and communities. With several large projects always underway, with the backing of the government, the market dynamics are always filled with opportunities and room for innovation and allow any business to solidly be part of the progression of this great nation. As a country that is always aiming to be light years ahead in every aspect, businesses are encouraged to push their boundaries and keep up with contemporary trends - even be a trendsetter, in terms of pioneering futuristic and visionary ideas and projects. It is due to such an environment, that Pyramedia has been able to consistently be at the forefront of the media production business. As a result, we have won the UAE Excellence Awards in Media and Marketing which inspires us to continue doing the work that we do. This award is indicative that we are doing the right thing, at the right time and in the right place and are on the correct track of business which will always propel us to keep moving forward and excel in everything we do. The future for the UAE continues to be bright, despite challenging market conditions, where businesses are required to 1707ME03 adapt to providing high-quality tailored solutions at cost-effective prices. Pyramedia has always had a flexible and adaptable business model that works in unison with the times, and any market conditions that it’s faced with. With the rise in demand for localized content that helps to preserve the identity of region, we continue to work on projects that are dedicated to the preservation of the Middle Eastern culture, as well as ensuring the Middle East is very well represented in international markets. We also believe that because of globalization and technology, there will be a meshing of cultural content. To ensure that we partake in this bridging of cultures, we keep our eyes open on international requirements matched with local expertise. Media will continue to play a very active role in the future, and it will continue to have an impact alongside the rise of citizen and social media. Accordingly, we have ensured that we are on top of market trends in all types of media to deliver solid, well-rounded productions, and campaigns to all our clients.