MEA July 2017

88 MEA MARKETS / July 2017 , LACASA Architects & Engineering Consultants (LACASA) is an award-winning multidisciplinary Architectural firmbased in Dubai with offices across the region. As winner of the Best Architectural Design Firm, as part of the UAE Business Awards, we interviewed Emad Jaber to find out more. The Construction Industry in the Middle East LACASA Architects & Engineering Consultants (LACASA) was founded in 2006 by Emad Jaber, an industry veteran and Nabil Al Khaja. What sets the firm apart, is its focus on quality as well as cultivating talent. LACASA provides a one-stop-solution to ensure optimal coordination and maintain the same level of quality across all aspects of design. In past six months, the firm has added interior design and infrastructure services to their growing portfolio of offerings. To date, LACASA has worked on over 300 projects in the Dubai region and maintains strong relationships with the major developers including DAMAC, Dubai Properties and Emirates Islamic Bank. Thanks to a talented team of over 300 designers, architects and engineers, the firm undertakes residential, commercial, hospitality, mixed-use, public and master planning projects. Emad Jaber imparts his thoughts on the firm winning the Best Architectural Design Firm. He also details LACASA’s main goal and what sets them apart in the marvellous work they do. “We are honoured to have won this award, as it reflects the hard work that has been put into LACASA over the past 11 years. It’s great to be recognised within an international publication and we look forward to having more of our individual projects acknowledged. By being recognised in this manner, we know that our designs have met international standards which encourages us to keep improving our design capabilities and growing our team. “LACASA’s main goal is to provide holistic design solutions, with an emphasis on quality. We do so by recruiting and cultivating the most talented designers, engineers and architects in the region as well as ensuring that they continue to grow both professionally and personally. “What sets LACASA apart, is its one-stop-shop approach to design, a focus on quality and an emphasis on ensuring that every individual achieves both their personal and professional goals through the firm. By doing so, every employee feels an individual sense of pride, which motivates them to continue building upon firm’s success.” When undertaking a new project, Emad explains LACASA’s approach in this vein. “At LACASA aim to act as advisors to the client rather than just designers. We work with the client team to ensure that the project is feasible, efficient and profitable. Managed by a certified project manager, every project begins with the basic space planning, area schedules and moves on the concept stage. The exterior and facades are then designed to reflect both the client’s vision, as well as the cultural aspects of the location. “The concept is then passed on the design development department where our structural, MEP, and technical managers detail the design and prepare the plans for construction. Our work doesn’t end there, as our on-site team manages the construction process to ensure on-time completion, budget adherence and that quality of the building matches that of the design.” Emad is eager to provide his insights into the construction industry in the Middle East today. “The construction industry in the Middle East is currently doing well 1705ME07 in some aspects and fortunately in the markets we operate, they are very stable; specifically, the Gulf region where the real estate sector is playing a major role in the economy of the markets. As an architectural firm, we are taking advantage of this healthy market. The challenges in our industry are dependent on the security and political stability of the region, both of which we currently enjoy. “Engineering firms need to stay up-to-date with the latest technology, in terms of the software in developing a design or new construction material and techniques. Concerning software, we are currently migrating all our designs into refit, to provide our clients with BIM-optimised plans. Additionally, by doing so, we can improve the coordination of our product between the different disciplines. For the material, itself, we always study and look for the latest technology for partitions, glazing, and cladding.” In closing, Emad highlights how the firm equips their staff to be up-to-date from an industry perspective. He also highlights other opportunities available for the staff and why the firm is very optimistic when it comes to the future.