MEA July 2017

74 MEA MARKETS / July 2017 , At, they are all about making a new car buying experience, the most informative and transparent experience possible. We were lucky to interview Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Rahul Kulshreshtha about the firm’s one stop solution for new car buyers. A Man with Drive and Ambition The website caters for passionate new car buyers who want to make smart, empowered and confident car purchase decisions. They work closely with car manufacturers and authorised car dealers only. Rahul reveals how the firm ensures that their website visitors receives the best possible outcome and what marks out as the best possible option. “We have created CarInsight. com platform where new car buyers can carry out the most comprehensive research at one place. This is one stop solution to gain maximum insights and a must have tool for new car buyers. “As a firm, we want CarInsight. com to be the most trusted brand among car buyers for all the information related to automobiles. One of the steps to achieve this, is to create the most desired product (, by basically making car research easier than ever before. “ is not just a car review site, our endeavour is to cover all aspects involved in buying a car. Some of them are – knowing brand facts, extensive search criteria to search the perfect car, detailed comparison to make informed decision, comparing G.C.C fuel efficiency for buyers to save time and money are some of the features which differentiates CarInsight. com. We are continuously working to enhance CarInsight. com to be the most preferred platform for car research.” Rahul then provides overview of the industry in the Middle East today and how the firm stays ahead of emerging developments. “The Middle East has around 40 global automobile brands, but without a platform where car buyers can carry our comprehensive research about brands & car models. Whereas, all matured markets have independent automobile focused portals which provide detailed and unbiased information to car buyers, aims to fill this gap in automobile market by providing the convenience of car research from the comfort of your own office or home. “As the founder for the firm, my experience in Middle Eastern & North African countries has helped me to create a global tool for car buyers. Also, my seasoned team has experience of selling cars directly to end users, which enables them to understand the car buyer’s needs. We are continuously in touch with car buyers, to understand both their preferences and buying behaviour. “ Rahul then tells us about the firm’s internal culture and how the staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients. Rahul also reveals his approach when it comes to hiring people to come and work for him. “We have an open and transparent working culture. I believe in a bottom-up management style, that is to have proactive team input. This way, the team members’ motivation to work and make the project a success, are doubled. “I follow three-step approach to ensure that my staff provides 1704ME01 the best possible service, the first is to find right people. The second is to get their peak productivity, by establishing clear expectations and the third, is to keep them productive by providing and receiving feedback along with developing their own skills and knowledge. “Since we are an auto-tech company, I believe millennials are the driving force which can make the difference to my company. To attract talented millennials, we are focused on training and development as well as allowing flexible working hours.” Rahul concludes by revealing what the future holds for both the firm and the wider industry. “We are enhancing our product almost every day. You will soon find more exciting and informative features on our website, which will be introduced for the first time in Middle East. We want to be same for cars, as Amazon is for books. “The Middle East market is becoming very competitive because car buyers want not only highest value for money, but also the best customer experience in terms of both sales and after-sales. We strongly believe that car buyers will carry out more research about a product and seek the reference of customer service with reliable sources, before making an informed car purchase decision. We are building in the same direction, to highlight which car brands offer the most value and the best possible