MEA July 2017

64 MEA MARKETS / July 2017 , across the region for a wide range of purposes. We utilise our innovative, market leading property transaction database – the Property Monitor. This unique market intelligence is derived from our first-class valuation business, advisory and research department, strategic partners and regional agency network. “We are regularly commissioned by banks, lending institutions, developers, investors, owners and occupiers who rely on our advice to make financial decisions, assess risks and ensure they adopt the correct management of individual properties and portfolios.” When it comes to project and building consultancy services, Mariam underlines that Cavendish Maxwell is recognised as one of the Middle East’s leading multi-disciplinary property and construction consultancies, employing highly skilled individuals from a diverse range of professional disciplines. “Our project and building consultancy service is underwritten by a guarantee of knowledge, research, experience and professionalism. Our team is equipped with the ability to offer expert advice on construction and property related matters. We provide value to our clients and their assets throughout the full property lifecycle, including not only the planning and construction phases but also building management and ongoing maintenance. “Our project management team has a wealth of international experience on a range of project sizes from individual villas to large-scale developments. We also offer in-house design, quantity surveying, engineering and contract administration services to ensure complete control over the project process. We can assist in the decision-making process at all stages of the project lifecycle, complimenting in- house expertise with a range of management services tailored to suit the project. “The earlier our involvement starts in the project process, the more value we can add by adopting strict controls. The strength of our team is in the ability to provide the best advice at the right time, achieving our clients’ objectives through effective planning, delegation, monitoring and control. Our methods are robust and applicable to any size and scope of project.” On the firm’s strategic consultancy and research services, Mariam reveals that their project team includes seasoned real estate professionals with international advisory experience, plus hands-on client site development exposure. “Our consulting team is made up of individuals who have worked across eight countries and speak eight different languages. In total, the team has 45 years of real estate experience and pride themselves on their strong international capabilities and ability, which they apply to the local market. Our work starts at the concept stage of development, to put in place a strategy which is in line with the needs of the market, informed by detailed primary market research and an extensive in-house database. “The work of our advisory team is supported by Property Monitor, a real time transactional data service unrivalled in the market. We then work alongside multidisciplinary teams to progress all commercial aspects of development including sourcing financers, acquiring land and securing delivery partners. An investment in our services at the outset of a project will help to ensure that issues and opportunities are identified to limit risk and maximise return.” On services around hotels, hospitality and leisure, Mariam tells us that the firm’s specialist hotels, hospitality and leisure team consists of dedicated industry professionals, with more than 30 years’ local, regional and international experience between them. “We have an enviable track record having been engaged by all the leading regional developers, investors and hotel owners regarding high-profile projects. “Our reports are accepted by the regional financial institutions which is an essential requirement from our clients when raising finance. The team is supported by fully qualified RICS and RERA members and our work is recognised by many of the major banks, auditors, law firms and government bodies across the region. “We deliver quality valuation advice for the following purposes: accounts; acquisition and disposal; appraisal review and management; banking (loan security); discounted cash flow analysis; expert witness and dispute resolution; feasibility studies; highest and best use studies; investment analysis; litigation and compensation; portfolio valuation; takeovers and mergers plus single asset valuation.” Mariam adds that Property Monitor is a data and intelligence service aimed at increasing transparency in the UAE marketplace. “Owners, tenants, investors, agencies, developers and banks can access real-time data and expert intelligence to make more informed decisions, based on actual values and trends. Property Monitor offers users the ability to search residential sales and leasing transactions, as well as our professional opinion on achievable prices, across all major areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our data dates to January 2014, and is sourced from our association with Cavendish Maxwell as well as with various reputable agencies and developers.” Finally, Mariam reveals more about the solutions under the Property Monitor umbrella. “In terms of mortgage lenders, we help them to better identify and manage residential property risk. Property Monitor’s data, market knowledge and advanced analytics enable mortgage lenders to better understand residential lending risk and to sharpen their processes, provisioning and strategy. We also help property developers make key investment and sales decisions, faster. Property Monitor’s data and market knowledge enable property developers to create more responsive strategies, financial feasibilities and sales positioning. “We help real estate agencies stay ahead in a competitive market. Property Monitor is a source of credible, independent transaction evidence and market insight that agencies are using to win and retain more business. We are growing as a company, so if you are a reputable agency, we want to work with you.