MEA July 2017

56 MEA MARKETS / July 2017 , Ultimate View Industrial Services is known as one of the most well- known suppliers of diesel engines and heavy equipment parts, industrial supplies and wire ropes in Saudi Arabia. We took the opportunity to interview the company’s KhalidMuhammad Aslam to discover more about their bespoke range of solutions. The Customer Is Always Right Ultimate View Industrial Services is associated with the worlds well known manufacturers, enable them to deal with the requirement of their valued clients. The company’s experience and skilled staff, are always ready to tackle any incoming enquiries. Is your company seeking cooperation? Do you need assistance in products purchasing and sourcing? Are you looking for a serious entrepreneurial individual for a company who can act as your special delegate and/or business coordinator? If so, this company can help you with your bespoke requirements at the best price possible. Khalid Muhammad Aslam reveals the company’s mission statement and their track record in the industry, plus their rightful focus on safety standards and providing high quality products. “Our mission statement proclaims that we are committed to bringing the best personal business experience to our clients, partners, business professionals and consumers around the world through innovative services which include embroidery, advertisements, building materials, industrial supplies and web development. “When it comes to building materials, we are a professional industrial safety product manufacturer and supplier, having been established for more than 15 years. It gives us great pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the region’s leading suppliers of safety such as an industrial leather gloves, working gloves, labour safety uniforms, cotton canvas tarpaulin, covers and tents. “A major part of our business is conducted with companies that are ISO 9000 certified, so in this vein we observe stringent international quality safety standards. We are also supplier to government agencies in the region and conform to their highest standards, with respect to safety specifications. Our specialty in safety products conforms to all leading TUV and EN certificates, as per EN standard. “At our company, you will find only the best quality products and the friendliest service in town. We are a company that truly believes in the adage, that the customer is always right and is our most valuable commodity. We welcome to all our valuable customers to our company for discussions on any business or co-operation matter.” The company is distinct in terms of its experience in the field of embroidery services, indeed it occupies the leading position in this field, through their capabilities to be in touch with the consumers’ needs. Khalid goes on to magnify this interesting aspect of the company’s work. “Also, we provide all embroidery and marketing services that suit with the clients taste and budget. We are always doing our best to be regional pioneers in this field, by creating specialised solutions to our client’s demands and meeting their requirements in visual communications besides offering rapid, reliable and workable solutions. In performing our mission, we consider the desires of the client as we are aware about the importance of both the high-quality design and workmanship. “We have great abilities to carry projects tasked to us both properly and accurately for our clients. Since we established the business, our experiences, workmanship and products are developing daily, so we have now become the leading embroidery services company in K.S.A. “We also provide embroidery services for hospitality and health care industries. We can provide complex and multi-coloured embroidery services to suit the design and the corporate identities. We can make company logos, names, flags or complex embroidery like the dragon on the right-hand side.” 1704ME10