MEA July 2017

50 MEA MARKETS / July 2017 , Akvia are the international trading partners of various Turkish manufacturers and distributers in different industries. They export their products all over the world. We profile the firm to learnmore about their offerings. The International Trade Revolution Established in 2012, Akvia Group in Saudi Arabia is a foreign financed company and operated its trading business between Middle East, Gulf countries and Turkey, until the last quarter of 2015. After forming its wide business infrastructure and network in the targeted regions, AKVIA became a Turkish company in the first quarter of 2016. With its experience in the field and the power of young and dynamic entrepreneurs, AKVIA has been contributing to export incomes and global values of leading Turkish producers in five different industries since its foundation. Having a dynamism to keep their relations warm all the time, speaking nine different languages to build strong communication, AKVIA is serving four continents and therefore employs staff from all over the world. As they stated at the beginning of their journey: “The international trade revolution starts with Akvia.” Akvia Group Company Ltd. has widened the spectrum of its services and products over the past years, with the support of their local and global partners, to better cater to the emerging needs of a growing client base in the Turkey. In terms of Akvia Group’s diversified portfolio and services, they remain as ‘your international trade partner’, committed to always creating value. Akvia Group’s services include: • Support for market research of producers; • Feasibility studies of target countries; • Providing the correct business connections; • Support for advertisement and product overview; • Participation to foreign country expo organisations; • Translation and VIP services; • Detailed study and reporting services about the related country regulations and procedures; • Obtaining governmental promotions and process monitoring; • Logistic and customs monitoring of foreign trade products; • Organisations of export and import meetings; • Enabling our current business partners to obtain new participations by taking place in new markets; • Support for their customers to provide intermediate goods and semi-finished goods from world’s markets with lower costs. Studies of adequate market-adequate cost; • Launching activities and organisation; • Support of branding, studies of corporate identity; • Support of human resources for contractors and sub- contractors who conduct their activities overseas and; • Law and finance consultancy for their investors and foreign citizens. 1703ME08