MEA July 2017

18 MEA MARKETS / July 2017 , relevant media and influential decision-makers. We don’t just tell the story of your business; we make sure the public is listening. “Whether it is broadening brand visibility of products and services, positioning company executives as industry innovators or even generating sales inquiries, our highly targeted, technologically forward multimedia campaigns drive results. Our global business marketing network provides services for the full range of B-to-B sectors, including automotive, energy, human resources, industrial/heavy equipment; manufacturing; plastics and technology. “We devise engaging campaigns that convey the value-added features and benefits of clients’ products and services by capitalising on structures already in place, showcasing development potential, and proving how these offerings make a real difference in the businesses of their customers and prospects.” When it comes to crisis communications & issues management, Weber Shandwick has proven expertise preserves and protects their clients’ valuable reputations and brands globally, as Sandra highlights. “In today’s highly transparent, rapidly moving regulatory social and media environment, traditional issue and crisis management capabilities are insufficient. This always-on era of engagement requires a culture of preparedness. A multi-faceted preparedness strategy must include the ability to anticipate, and see around corners to prevent and diffuse issues. The capability to be constantly prepared with a practiced team and proven rapid response expertise, combined with the knowledge to protect and restore reputation are critical. “Around the globe, Weber Shandwick helps its clients anticipate, prepare for and manage issues and negative events affecting their reputation. And when bad news strikes, Weber Shandwick provides the strategic counsel and expertise to ensure that clients respond in a timely, appropriate and confident manner to achieve the best possible outcome. “Our crisis and issues management team helps clients develop a culture of preparedness to effectively manage any situation. Social media crisis and issues management is a core strength of the team, and Weber Shandwick leads in providing astute and actionable counsel for the digital age. We regularly provide counsel to the world’s leading companies and have successfully managed crises in a wide range of areas, including environmental issues, litigation, cyberattacks and data breaches, activist campaigns, governmental investigations and enforcement actions, product recalls; workplace incidents, financial issues, international dispute, investigative journalism, emergencies, accidents and disasters as well as labour relations.” In closing, Sandra provides further detail of the firm’s crisis management team and the culture that permeates this aspect of their work. “Our global crisis management team is made up of senior professionals with unparalleled experience in media, government, law and business. We have been involved in virtually every type of crisis, including acts of terrorism, environmental disasters, product recalls, proxy battles, federal investigations, investigative media reports and board disputes. “To promote a culture of preparedness, we help clients ready their teams through our firebell offering: interactive, multimedia crisis simulations for a cross-section of company employees. Firebell workshops challenge participants with a variety of communications injects, from media inquiries to employee questions to critical conversations online. “Through our proprietary, award- winning interactive platform, participants also practice real- time response with (fictional) audiences on replicated online properties like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WeChat and Weibo. Resulting debrief conversations and SWOT analysis reports help companies fine-tune readiness efforts and inculcate a culture of preparedness among communicators, legal teams, HR, operations and other key internal groups. “With experience handling, some of the most visible crises of our time, we expertly navigate important communications channels, including traditional as well as digital and social media, to protect corporate brands and reputation. We also prepare senior executives and other public figures to handle tough questions in high-pressure environments, such as legislative committees, investor meetings, and national and international news and investigative media.”