MEA July 2017

16 MEA MARKETS / July 2017 , Weber Shandwick is a leading global communications agency, delivering daily onwhat they do best: engage. We interviewed Senior Account Executive, Sandra Awad to find out more about the firmand how they are engaging people andmaking an impact in the business world today. The Engagement Era Weber Shandwick earns attention and incites action for the best brands and organisations worldwide, by always championing integration and placing people, culture and relationships at the heart. Sandra Awad reveals more about the new era of marketing, how this is engaging people plus something of the firm’s people. “Everyone’s talking about it. A new era in marketing. The Engagement Era. It’s a time when people are engaging with each other and the brands and issues they care about in entirely new ways. Today, people are taking control from the brands and organisations that used to do most of the talking and shaping their own stories. “At Weber Shandwick, we understand this new era because engaging people in conversations that matter to them is what we’ve always done. Winning today requires storytelling that’s relevant, personal and genuine. It means understanding the new power that trusted advocates wield. And, more than anything, winning demands content that’s provocative, original and irresistible. “We are a creative studio of writers, designers, builders, strategists, conversation-starters, storytellers. We are passionate about our clients and, through our specialty firms and dedicated practice groups, we are deeply knowledgeable about their businesses. And while we are a big, global organisation, we believe that collaboration is the best way to succeed. ‘The Engagement Era’ is new to some, but not to us. We’re the kind of marketing company built for today. Because we didn’t start building yesterday.” Sandra then explains the firm’s service model and how they are engaging audiences with compelling content. “Collaboration and cooperation in pursuit of complete marketing solutions for our clients is at the core of Weber Shandwick’s service model. Weber Shandwick’s specialty firms —The Axis Agency (Culture Movement Marketing), Cassidy & Associates (Government Relations), KRC Research (Market and Opinion Research), Sawmill (Advertising), and Powell Tate (Public Affairs) — allow us to provide a robust marketing services offering to clients to address their need. “We inspire. We incite. We shape ideas to move companies and organisations forward. We get people thinking and acting in new ways so they connect with and advocate for your brand. And we do it with a level of commitment and expertise that is simply unmatched by anyone, anywhere. “Across our practice groups and specialty areas, we engage audiences with compelling content to create emotional experiences that drive participation. Seeing is believing. Look at a few of our recent success stories.” Making an impact Weber Shandwick sees limitless opportunities to contribute to social good by leveraging what they do best – creating big ideas and daring work that helps clients raise awareness and make an impact. Sandra develops this point, before explaining the business marketing aspect of the firm’s work. “We’re proud to be engaged with clients on more than 150 assignments linked to each of the UN Global Goals. And through our global Impact Project, we focus on pro bono partnerships aimed at closing the opportunity gap – helping people achieve their potential and live more prosperous lives. We’re energised by the ways our diverse, global network of employees apply their passion and ideas in partnership with clients around the world to contribute to a brighter future. “In terms of business marketing, we believe that powerful communications are at the heart of brand awareness and loyalty. To achieve real success in today’s ultracompetitive business-to-business marketplace, companies must effectively, consistently and clearly communicate the benefits of their branded offerings. We provide compelling, integrated public relations programs that focus on raising awareness among customers, prospects, 1702ME09