MEA Business Awards 2023

MEA | Business Awards 2023 33 ALS Logistic Solutions is a leading provider of automation solutions for material handling, cargo and car park systems. With over three decades of experience, the company has consistently demonstrated its proficiency in delivering ergonomic space-saving solutions for warehouses and parking facilities. Here, we dive deeper into its work in the wake of its success in the MEA Business Awards 2023. Founded in Germany, ALS Logistic Solutions is an independent engineering consultancy and advanced systems integrator that specialises in the automation of operations and processes. Now, with branches in the UAE, Malaysia, Singapore and Germany ALS Logistic Solutions is one of the largest suppliers of automation solutions with a worldwide presence. The business offers a vast range of products and services, including airport consulting and IT solutions, air cargo handling systems, automated storage and retrieval systems, warehouse management systems and automated car parks. Maintaining ISO 9001 standards, ALS Logistic Solutions is equipped with a qualified engineering and project management team that specialises in pre-project planning, complete design of material flow, simulation, IT, quality assurance and quality control, schedule planning, implementation, training and aftersales support. One service offered by ALS Logistic Solutions is logistics consultancy with a focus on the development, planning and design of fully automated cargo and material handling solutions. Its dedicated multidisciplinary consulting team design and implement solutions that adapt to the market’s requirements, increasing efficiency and productivity across various industries. With a wealth of experience, the ALS Logistic Solutions team are well-equipped to work with clients to create tailored best-in-class solutions that not only fulfil the project requirements but also deliver long-term results. They thoroughly consider clients’ needs, working with them to achieve optimal material flow and guaranteed throughput. Furthermore, with access to a broad network, they are able to design and implement efficient solutions that leverage the industry’s most up-to-date technologies. Currently, ALS Logistic Solutions is led by Managing Director Walid Khoury, who joined the team back in 2001 as Regional Manager for the Middle East. After six years of success within the company, he became Managing Director, taking over the entire company management. With over 20 years of experience in the logistics industry Walid has been involved in logistics automation projects across the world, as well as having managed several large international air cargo terminal projects with ALS Logistic Solutions. Now, he leads the company’s strategic development operations whilst serving as a senior logistics consultant. Looking towards the future, Walid anticipates that the storage, transfer, sorting and retrieval of cargo between warehouse and landside will become fully automated. In line with recent technological advancement, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are being increasingly adopted across industries, leading to benefits such as enhanced productivity, reduced human error and faster decision-making. From voice recognition to driverless trucks, AI and AR have changed the game when it comes to e-commerce and online shopping. Walid believes that these technologies must be leveraged to enhance productivity in air cargo warehouses. By adopting such technologies, the warehousing industry will be able to visualise the products that they are handling, all while benefitting from enhanced productivity and reduced time taken to make accurate deliveries. ALS Logistic Solutions strives to play a role in the acceleration towards the use of advanced tools in this sector. As a result of its exceptional work, ALS Logistic Solutions has achieved overwhelming success in the MEA Business Awards 2023, having been named Best Logistics Automation Company as well as receiving the MEA Technology Innovation Award. As the world becomes increasingly digital, there is no doubt that the company looks towards a bright future. We congratulate Walid and his team on their success in this awards programme and wish them the best of luck in all their endeavours. Contact: Javier Morcillo Company: ALS Logistic Solutions Web Address: Best Logistics Automation Company – UAE & MEA Technology Innovation Award