MEA Business Awards 2023

MEA | Business Awards 2023 29 Operating atop of more than 25 years of industry experience, Systech Limited has served as a textbook specialist in the field of pension administration since 1998, and today excels as one of the leading providers in the African pension industry. At the heart of its solutions - and winning the company this award - is its flagship product, FundMaster, with this customisable piece of software having been designed specifically to assist clients in navigating the unique challenges that arise regarding pensions in countries across the continent. James tells us more about this pioneering offering. With a rapidly expanding client base spanning both the private and public sectors in an increasing number of African nations, Systech continually fortifies its position as the pension industry’s software solution provider of choice, affording its expert services to those across governments, multi-employer schemes, financial services, insurance companies, and other providers across the continent. A series of core values such as a passion for excellence, positive attitude, and striving to delight clients guide the company towards upholding its ultimate vision, which James tells us is, “to be the leading innovative retirement benefits technology solutions provider in Africa.” Exemplary client service is a key element of the company’s philosophy, with an emphasis placed on nurturing a strong connection with clients. James explains, “we uphold high standards by engaging with them consistently, understanding the dynamics, changes, and trends in the pension industry.” For James and the team, a big part of this process is, “gaining insights into their unique business models, allowing us to provide innovative solutions.” Such an approach goes hand in hand with the company upholding the highest standards, something it attains through prioritising key service elements such as open communication, proactive engagement, and a thorough understanding. Another defining factor contributing towards the company’s prowess in the sector is its approach to managing industry-wide developments, an approach James tells us is rooted in continuous improvement, particularly in the field of staff training. By empowering its staff to remain abreast of emerging technologies and pioneering methods, they can anticipate and adapt to any promising trends ahead of time. Through such a proactive approach, the company is well-versed to tackle the latest challenges and make the most of the newest opportunities in this rapidly developing landscape. Many of these challenges and opportunities centre around Nairobi (Kenya’s capital and the company’s home city) and its relationship with technology. Although the city has made considerable advancements by investing in the development of infrastructure, there are still issues, stemming from an intermittent power supply, the ever-evolving nature of regulations, and the shortage of skills apparent in the region. Nevertheless, Nairobi still serves as one of Africa’s leading technological hubs, and across the region, an increased demand for technology solutions is being experienced. This, combined with several government initiatives and the country’s strategic location, all point towards a bright future. Such optimism serves as a breath of fresh air following a tumultuous period for the industry, something that has been attributed to the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. On the back of the financial hardships faced by the continent as a result of Covid, campaigns were introduced that promoted the importance of saving. This, combined with the noticeable recent trend of the pension administration becoming increasingly digitised, shows the company’s services being more sought after now than ever before. In response to this, James explains, “we have continued to innovate FundMaster, ensuring its alignment with the digitisation wave and its ability to meet the evolving demands of the pension industry in Africa.” In the face of increasingly strict regulatory and legislative initiatives across Kenya, Systech’s FundMaster technology, which is unique to the needs of the pension sector and not a modified version of an ERP system, has been able to expertly traverse such challenges thanks to the team’s restructuring of some critical modules. This quick turnaround has only been possible thanks to the team’s wealth of experience, something that is also leveraged across its internship-based recruitment programme, whereby new talent is acquired and expertly trained within a six-month period, solidifying the next generation of pension administrators. Similar excellence is planned for the rest of 2024, a year that will hopefully see Systech Limited succeed in its plans to diversify, taking on new clients in the neighbouring countries of Ethiopia and Namibia, to name just a couple. In summary, James tells us, “we look forward to navigating new challenges, capitalising on opportunities, and reinforcing our position as a leading provider of innovative retirement benefits technology solutions in Africa.” Contact: [email protected] Company: Systech Limited Web Address: Leading Pension Administration Software - Nairobi