MEA Business Awards 2023

MEA | Business Awards 2023 Best Electro-Mechanical & Civil Contractors - Kuwait As far as privately-owned contractor, sub-contractor, and industrial service providers in Kuwait go, Al-Shaheen Technical Contracting Company W.L.L is by far one of the best, having developed a stellar reputation through its qualifications in the areas of project management, engineering, electro-mechanical, civil construction, and maintenance across the power, government, and private sectors. Throughout the years, the business has become renowned in its home country for its reliability and unmatched value for money, with systems that are wholly compliant and certified to the relevant international ISO standards. Managing Director and Partner Iqbal Hussain Kazi is on hand to tell us more about the company and its distinction in the field. With a specialist range of expert knowledge across a multitude of disciplines, the comprehensive team that make up Al-Shaheen Technical Contracting Company W.L.L are highly skilled, experienced, and sought after, particularly its civil division, who are capable of executing whatever civil construction is required of them, from asphalt paving in car parks through to fencing, foundations, and refractory work. Of course, it is not just the company’s civil contracting ability that has won it this award, and it is too famed for its electrical work that spans power, industrial, and housing, this in addition to its mechanical work, which is undertaken across the power and gas/oil sectors. Al-Shaheen also offers an exemplary HR (or manpower) service, whereby it deploys its multifaceted team of trained specialists to supply the necessary helping hand that can see a project completed as scheduled and as desired. A trading service is too on offer, with the company being one of the country’s leading importers/ exporters. This robust training division comes complete with its own dedicated, professional team, operating independently and dealing with civil construction, mechanical, electrical, and safety materials. Across this service, the company is well-versed in providing its clients with the right materials for their projects and is happy to advise ahead of time. Throughout each of these services, the common thread is that every division is bolstered by the same values that champion the providing of a service that prioritises its customers while simultaneously operating in a manner that is safe, professional, and timely. As such, Al-Shaheen is a private entity that has more than earned its status as both qualified and approved across a series of private and public sectors, working both independently as well as with prestigious organisations inclusive of the Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company, and other, similar K-companies. At the heart of Al-Shaheen is an experienced team of qualified engineers and skilled workmen, who proudly tackle any challenge that is put in front of them to complete a project on time and to the highest standard of finish. Perfection and professionalism serve to define this service, aided by a well-stocked workshop that possesses the tools, tackles, and equipment necessary to get the job done well. As Iqbal tells us, “our philosophy is always tailored to the needs of our clients. Honesty, respect, integrity, quality, understanding, listening, communicating, responding, and presentation are the factors that [every] philosophy strategy should include.” Putting this philosophy into action, the team remain at the forefront of developments in the sector by contributing their unrivalled expertise to customers across the vast landscape that is the electro-mechanical industry, with HVAC, instrumentation, and civil construction work being three of the key areas where the business demonstrates its prowess the most. Moreover, its specialist knowledge regarding the execution of a plethora of construction, high/low voltage, maintenance, and turn-key projects demonstrates its uniquity in the space and contributes to its array of customers very much viewing Al-Shaheen as the one-stop-shop solution for all of their needs in this area. As a Kuwait-based company, Al-Shaheen is situated at the centre of developments within the MEA market, and as Iqbal explains, “the Middle East is a rapidly developing region making it an excellent starting point for [a] business.” In the past few years alone, industries such as travel and transport, logistics, education, health, and construction/ building materials have emerged as the area’s defining sectors and are paving the way for future businesses to follow suit. Similarly, the e-commerce industry has been making significant strides in the business landscape, and this is an area that Iqbal believes could have, “immense potential in the MEA region.” This wider interest in Kuwait’s business landscape has resulted in the company implementing a sponsorship and agency service to those foreign companies seeking to establish a business in the country, with the team always on the lookout for new international investors to foster a long-term partnership with. Across this process, the uppermost freedom is given, with sponsors not getting involved in the day-to-day operations of a business so as to allow it the time and space to run as smoothly and effectively as possible. While other industries may be developing around them, Al-Shaheen is at the epicentre of fuelling advancements in the field of construction, continuing to pioneer and adapt new and emerging technologies to further streamline its services and improve its efficiency and effectiveness on a businesswide scale. Iqbal demonstrates, “many of these technologies involve natural design, and increasingly, general construction.” He adds, “we are also finding that prefabricated