MEA Business Awards 2023

MEA | Business Awards 2023 Security & Protection Consultancy of the Year - Senegal Over the past few decades, the demand for quality security services has increased throughout the world, particularly in the sub-regions of North and West Africa, which frequently experience terrorist attacks. Many organisations have become potential targets and there is a growing need for solutions that address the new age of security problems. Africa Group Solutions Millenium (AGSM) is an OHADA Commerical Code Group, dedicated to providing international security services to a variety of government departments and commercial clients. It is AGSM’s mission to provide superior security solutions to meet today’s global challenges. For its essential services, we have bestowed on AGSM a MEA Business Award. Due to The African Union’s Security Sector Reform (SSR), many organisations are now aware of the need for advanced solutions to identify security threats and improve accountability. Since the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, there has been a greater need for efficient security solutions, particularly in areas facing violent conflict. AGSM, in partnership with Continuity Global Solution (CGS) aims to modernise the private security sector with accredited and licensed security services to effectively respond to market demands. In more than 40 countries, CGS is an experienced provider of training and personnel development for the security and assistance industry. Through this partnership, AGSM and its subsidiaries benefit from CGS’s experience and certifications (ISO 18788, ANSI ASIS PSC.1 and ISO 9001), which AGSM staff have adopted in order to provide consistent quality assurance at all levels. In partnership with CGS, AGSM provides a variety of critical security services throughout North and West Africa, delivered by experts in the private security industry. The company provides Embassies, governments, and NGOs with essential infrastructure and outpost protection, enabling them to assess their vulnerability, implement necessary security measures, and develop emergency response plans. Through its extensive training and material resources, AGSM is uniquely positioned to provide effective protection to visiting foreign dignitaries and diplomats. Its security services employ counterterrorism and counterespionage measures for additional protection, led by former law enforcement officers. In addition to these services, AGSM also provides bespoke security consultancy, designed to address clients’ unique challenges. The innovative company strives to ensure the safety and protection of clients’ critical infrastructure while maintaining a sensitivity to the constraints that affect safety and legal matters in their specific industries. Through its expert execution strategies, AGSM helps clients to create detailed plans with cutting-edge security measures capable of responding to a multitude of threats. In today’s world, cyber security is a requirement for any government or organisation working within the private sector. AGSM is well equipped to conduct cyber threat assessments and identify both insider threats and cybercrime. Its experienced team develops security protocols to protect clients’ digital assets and IT infrastructure. AGSM has evolved to meet these global challenges and works with clients to implement a comprehensive security program. Its integrated services cover all aspects of the project from the design and submission stages to implementation. With the expertise of its team, AGSM provides specialist security services that effectively meet clients’ individual requirements. Mr. Mohamed Kane, AGSM’s Founder and CEO, has been a private security professional for over 23 years. He has been certified and accredited in the United States by the Security Office Management Branch (SOMB) in 2001 and 2022 as well as by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) of the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2003. Mr. Kane has worked in various security companies in the United States, including IPC International Corporation (as Deputy Director of Security), Securitas, and George Washington University Police Department. In 2005, he established Kane’s Security Services in Virginia, a security and close protection service for nightclubs and restaurants. After returning to the African continent, Mr. Kane witnessed how the government’s demands for efficient security measures resulted in the emergence of local security companies without satisfactory accreditations or training. In response, he founded a professional security enterprise, using his industry knowledge and experience to develop a dedicated training centre. Through the integrated training centre, Mr. Kane provides training opportunities to many young, unemployed, and retired individuals to help them renter the job market. It is AGSM’s goal to professionalise the sector and participate in securing territories throughout the sub-region. Under Mr. Kane’s ambitious leadership, AGSM seeks to foster strong partnerships in order to expand the scope of its services and overall vision. By developing its strategic partnership with CGS, the company strives to strengthen its position, provide more materials and programs to enhance its training opportunities, and gain exclusive access to United States Embassies across the sub-region. In March 2020, the joint venture between SASP (a subsidiary of AGSM) and CGS secured the US Embassy in Senegal. Since then, this move has unfortunately been cancelled for convenience by the US Department of State. Moving forward, it is the business’s objective to secure US Embassies in the Central African Republic, Gambia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Mali. In response to the global threats facing today’s world, AGSM provides accredited security services and training to Embassies, governments, and NGOs. In partnership with CGS, it is AGSM’s mission to modernise the private security sector to meet market demands for effective safety and security measures. To support government policies, Mr. Kane founded AGSM to introduce professional training to the sub-regions and participate in securing African territories. Through