MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 60 Cheflink Caterers Limited is a team of dedicated, artistic, and culturally inspired chefs who provide exceptional food and beverages services. At Cheflink, the staff help numerous successful companies encourage employees every week and grow healthy workplaces. So, it is no wonder that the company has been recognised in the MEA Business Awards 2022. heflink boasts a multifaceted reputation for providing daily meals, running company canteens, and preparing offsite meals from the company’s fully equipped kitchen. In addition, the team is well known for transforming company events through its exceptional, delicious, affordable meals. Cheflink has built such an impressive reputation because of how much it values its clients. The team values long-term client partnerships that are built on trust. The hierarchy at Cheflink appreciates that treating employees well is the foundation of great companies. The team ensures that this endeavour becomes a reality by providing daily nutritious breakfasts and lunches to companies. Businesses have never been able to speak so highly of a catering company as they do of Cheflink. What’s better still, the staff and management team enrich the daily eatery experience – allowing employed professional waiting staff to make the meal, serving an exciting and unforgettable experience. Companies and clients in Kenya look to Cheflink for high-quality and tasty meals. And, on top of that, the staff always place the customer first. With a firm focus on ensuring the customer goes home happy, the team is dedicated to establishing a total concentration on their satisfaction. When customers are looking to choose a catering company to provide high-quality hospitality services, the quality of service is essential – and the quality of service provided by Cheflink is also a critical factor in its success. Customers expect top-notch service from their hotel, restaurant, or another hospitality establishment, and a company that consistently delivers on that promise will earn an excellent reputation, as Cheflink do. The team pays great attention to detail. As regularly seen, successful hospitality companies pay attention to every detail, ensuring that everything from the cleanliness of the rooms to the presentation of the food is of the highest quality. This attention to detail can help create a memorable experience for customers. Cheflink’s strong and forged reputation speaks for itself. It does not need a revolutionary marketing team. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool in the hospitality industry. Customers who have a positive experience at a hotel or restaurant are likely to share that experience with others, which can help increase the company’s reputation and drive more business. Lastly, Cheflink also possesses much Innovation. Successful hospitality companies are often innovators, constantly seeking new ways to improve the customer experience. This might include using technology to streamline processes, implementing new sustainability practices, or offering unique amenities. Looking to the future, Cheflink believes that access to affordable, high quality, and nutrient-rich meals should be part of regular everyday goals. At Cheflink, the management team exist to make this a reality for individuals and corporates. It is no wonder they are so sought after for the service they provide. Contact Name: [email protected] Company Name: Cheflink Caterers Limited Web Address: C Best Industrial Catering Business - Kenya & Excellence Award for Outdoor Event Catering Services - MEA Chef Link Catering Services Ltd