MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 48 Best Premium Label Provider - UAE Founded in 2003, Haroon Labels Industries LLC is a family run, self-adhesive label business. The company is a respected and recognised business for printing and packaging in the United Arab Emirates. Its work ethos is to deliver consistently high standards with dedicated staff, producing great service and products through its printing technology. asant Desai is the CEO and Director of Haroon Labels. Under his composed leadership, it has a simple yet effective business philosophy that has led it to enormous success. Based in the United Arab Emirates, the company values simplicity within its business and believes that, along with its core values, the importance of customer service is vital to its progression. The company is determined to excel in its level of service and value all customers and their needs. Haroon Labels understands that delivering quality service will not only please and retain customers but build good relationships and attract new customers through recommendations. The staff at Haroon Labels are amongst the most knowledgeable in the industry, with years of experience across the team. By listening to its customers’ needs, it has become one of the most established label solutions for any application. It has expanded and introduced new print applications, equipment, and services allowing it to surpass any competition in the industry whilst increasing profitability. There have been global challenges within the print industry such as the growing challenge to print from online media and the rise in materials, consumables, and labour costs, but Haroon Labels have changed its mind set and observed this as an opportunity to change the demographic of digital printing thinking about personalisation and sustainability. Taking influence from these new opportunities and the everchanging digital trends, Haroon Labels has recognised the need for affordable and convenient digital printing across many different mediums and has incorporated this within its business. Investing in new technologies has given the company much more versatility and it is now able to print on paper, varieties of plastic, and small cartons. When recruiting new staff, the company looks back to its core values including great communication, positive attitude, honest and respectful relationships, and tries to find the best candidate to fit these qualities. It looks for someone with a certain level of confidence and excellent problem-solving tendencies. The company values its staff and the positive work culture that it has built over the years and encourages them to be supportive and respectful towards each other, with policies in place to strengthen this. Moving forward in 2023, the company have plans to embrace its current place in the industry but develop on its service by working on a customer retention strategy. It plans to stay true its natural way of working, keeping things simple and the success will speak for itself. For now, it has won Best Premium Label Provider, UAE, and we are extremely pleased to celebrate its win. Contact: Vasant R Desai Company: Haroon Labels Industries LLC Web Address: V Dec22120