MEA Business Awards 2022

48. Haroon Labels Industries LLC: Best Premium Label Provider - UAE 49. Becode Middle East: Best Advanced Locking Solutions Provider - UAE 50. Oclaa Adventures Tanzania: Best Cycling Tours - Tanzania 51. Specialty Batch Coffee Roastery LLC: Most Comprehensive Coffee Supplier - Middle East 52. Bradford Learning Global: Best Online Finance Course Provider - UAE 53. Intelligent Devices And Systems: Best Multi-Industry Technology Engineering Services Provider - UAE 54. RED3SIXTY: Best Business Consulting Management Platform - Africa & Transformation Leader 55. Corporate Image Holdings Ltd: Best Reputation Management & Communications Consultancy - South Africa 56. Sahel Aviation Service: Best Mining Industry Support Provider - Mali 57. The Els Club: Best Luxury Golfing Destination - Middle East 58. The Cornerstone Advisory Consultancy: Best SME Management Consultancy - UAE 59. Iconic Collective: Most Comprehensive Digital Support Agency - South Africa 60. Chef Link Catering Services Ltd: Best Industrial Catering Business - Kenya & Excellence Award for Outdoor Event Catering Services - MEA 61. Mlsclothiers: Best Online Shopping Platform - UAE 62. Adjemson and Consulting: Best Communication & Marketing Solution Provider - Cameroon 63. Furn Beaino: Best Lahm Baajin Specialist Restaurant - Lebanon