MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 38 Dec22536 Best Fresh Flowers Delivery Service - UAE Arpan has become synonymous with excellence. Operating in a rather niche industry – albeit one bolstered by the digitisation movement – the company has cultivated a distinguished reputation for its fresh flower delivery service across Dubai. Following its success in the programme we spoke with Arpan’s CEO and Founder Ms Sunita Anchan to find out more. he digital age has bought about a dedication to personalisation. After all, client centricity defines this movement. With a greater focus on catering to the changing needs of customers and clients, businesses around the world are realising that large corporate values are a thing of the past – people want care and good core values in the companies they support. Arpan certainly fulfils that desire, as Sunita explains in more detail. “Arpan Flowers is an award-winning divine goods superstore that provides artisanal floral arrangements and fresh flower subscriptions all over Dubai. From single floral compositions to elaborate installations for private events, high-profile corporates, event concepts, and more, customers can personalise their subscriptions by choosing their preferred flowers, quantity, and days of delivery. A well-known name in the market for fresh flower decor and jewellery, Arpan also houses a jewellery expert for intricate floral jewellery pieces.” Sunita Anchan, further, added: “It is my routine to begin my day by offering fresh flowers for my spiritual practices. However, finding fresh flowers was a struggle, and to fill this gap, I launched Arpan - a divine goods superstore specialising in fresh flowers. Our team of expert florists creates gorgeous floral arrangements and packages and has stringent quality checks wherein every single flower is tested for quality.” While certainly niche, Arpan has absolutely been driven by a need for excellent services and quality. Through this, it has become the leader of a space that there was a need for, but no one to cater to it. That’s one of the secrets of success in this modern world of business, and it is one that Arpan has adeptly met. Priding itself as a store with a difference, Arpan constantly sources eco-friendly, organic, and sustainable products. At its core, Arpan is about uplifting and empowering others; hence, it sources organic products such as clay products and cast-iron cookware from local artisans across India and UAE. Furthermore, the pricing is economical so that everyone in Dubai can have the best fresh flowers and other products for their daily prayers without budget constraints. With packages readily available on the website, their subscriptions are super convenient and hassle-free. Our delivery service adds to the fact that customers don’t have to worry – all deliveries as done on time and as per customers schedule. Arpan is a one-stop-shop for all divine and ceremonial needs, available online and offline. Catering to all religions, the brand has six main verticals covering all ceremonial needs. It is the only dynamic e-commerce website selling fresh Indian flowers in the UAE. Following its recognition in this awards programme, Arpan plans to expand across UAE and eventually the GCC region as a whole. Company Name: Arpan Flowers Website: Email : [email protected] Telephone: +971 4 359 1733. T