MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 36 Jan23156 Succession Planning Specialists of the Year- Middle East & Excellence Award for Strategic Financial Advisory Services - Middle East As a boutique firm specialising in tax advisory services, FAME Advisory DMCC assists clients who have made their way to the top to stay there. Here we learn more about the firm as it wins two titles in the MEA Business Awards 2022. Established in 2013, FAME Advisory has a reputation as being the UAE’s most trusted advisory firm. The company and team have a wealth of experience in tax advisory services and are recognized as one of the best in the industries of corporate structuring, international tax, strategic and financial advisory and, finally, compliance experts. It is no surprise to see FAME Advisory as a leading light in the financial industry, as it works with top companies in a variety of other sectors. These include big businesses that have forged huge reputations in the contracting and construction industry, as well as multinational companies in the trading and infrastructure space. There are also UAEbased developers and building material suppliers, traders in gold and jewellery, as well as other leading retailers. Effectively, the list is endless and that is how the company has worked its way up to become so well-known. When assessing the success of FAME Advisory one thing stands out – the firm has a clear mission statement which is obvious to almost everybody. Despite working with so many other businesses and corporations, the team does not work with just everybody. Adhering to the mission statement set out by those at the top, the team at FAME Advisory will only work with organisations if they feel they can add value to their business. FAME Advisory provides simple solutions for companies with complete compliance. The team ethos is that everybody pays attention to the smallest details and that they are honest and transparent internally, as well as externally. Plus, clients and customers can feel at peace that their services and internal business will be kept confidential by the trusted firm. The announcement regarding the introduction of Corporate Tax in UAE has been the most talked about subject recently in the area. This has meant that tax experts have had to keep their finger on the pulse and monitor what other trends could be coming their way. A lot is changing in the industry and FAME Advisory will have to stick to its core values and pay attention to the smallest of details in order to ensure there is nothing that falls through the gaps. However, this is exactly what the team excels at. They are ready to understand these changes and then utilize their experience of dealing with similar aspects earlier in other jurisdictions. Using this experience, FAME Advisory will guide the clients to be more informed and take suitable decisions in this connection. FAME Advisory is thinking big in terms of growing the firm. In the space of just eight years, the company has grown ten-fold, so it is no surprise to see that the management team does not plan on stopping there. Whilst not only expanding its workforce, the tax advisory firm based in the UAE is also looking at being able to offer more specialized services across the region. Employing more staff will allow the company to do this. Ultimately, there appears to be no limit as to how big FAME can grow. And with the ambitious minds behind the growth of FAME showing no signs of stopping any time soon, even more success is on the horizon. Company: FAME Advisory DMCC Name: Mr. Nirav Shah Web Address: FAME Advisory DMCC