MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 32 Broadway Entertainment Group (BEG) is an entertainment company that has managed to integrate intellectual property, production and the distribution of first-class entertainment internationally. It is the world’s first theatrical distribution company to emerge and successfully navigate into the theatre and production industries of the Middle East, South and Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. stablished in 2012, BEG has grown in scope and success, with its ever-growing network of international venues, rightsholders, and presenters. The company’s initial success stems from being the first theatrical distribution company to present and produce theatrical content to the Middle East. Over the years, it has created an essential source of entertainment for the surrounding regions, allowing its audiences to experience and enjoy many different genres of productions. It has brought many types of content from across arts and entertainment ranging from; Disney classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Andrew Lloyd Webber productions such as Evita, CATS, and Phantom of the Opera, to multidisciplinary work such as The Illusionists, Thriller Live, and The Little Prince. BEG’s international touring productions maintain the highest calibre and scale of Broadway and West End originals. Creating a spectacle for the audience, the company transports them into the magical world of live entertainment by including local philharmonic orchestras, tremendous lighting displays, the most intricate sets and costumes, as well as choosing the most enchanting venues to perform in. With the leadership of Founder and Chief Executive Officer Liz Koops, an award-winning producer, the international productions have become a phenomenon, sweeping the world of entertainment. Liz has been a vital part in driving the company’s success, with it now touring a large range of its productions across more than 37 countries. Through a combined experience of over 30 years, the company has recently expanded its entertainment reach and moved into markets like Russia, South Asia, Central Asia, and Latin America. Utilising its decades of experience, Broadway Entertainment Group collaborates with its competition to maintain such a timeless industry. The company’s main wishes for the future are to continue to work hard with its strong, determined team to deliver the best possible productions and live entertainment. With its current success creating a stable source of entertainment for its audiences, it dreams that this will only grow stronger. It is also developing theatre audiences, embarking on any sponsorship opportunities, and improving ticketing strategies within the emerging markets. It is clear to see that Broadway Entertainment Group is championing in its area of expertise, and we are sure to see it putting on a fine show for many years to come. Congratulations. Contact: Liz Koops Email: [email protected] Company: Broadway Entertainment Group FZ LLC Web Address: E Best International Theatrical Entertainment Distributor - UAE January 2019, Dubai: The world’s most spectacular musical, The Phantom of the Opera, celebrated tickets going on-sale for its Middle Eastern debut by lighting up the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. For just 120 seconds, fans got a taste of what is to come on 16th October 2019 with a bespoke audio-visual show that illuminated the Dubai sky.