MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 Polymers Exporters of the Year - UAE MMF Global Trading has become a key element on the greater import and export industry when it comes to industrial raw materials. Following its well-deserved success in the MEA Business Awards programme, we took a closer look at how the company has cultivated an impressive reputation in this challenging sphere. There’s an incredibly high demand for efficient transportation of industrialbased raw materials. There has been and will be a demand for the foreseeable future. That’s the nature of the modern world, with an ever greater need to meet the colossal need of the greater industrial and construction industries. It is in this sphere that MMF Global Trading has established itself, with a prolonged record for meeting the demands of those it considers its clients and partners. As an importer and exporter, MMF Global Trading has positioned itself as a vital part of the industry, and moreover, a vital part of the petrochemical industry, which currently needs all hands-on deck to ensure the continuation of the modern world of business as a whole. Serving end-users, manufacturers and traders, MMF Global Trading has strived to meet the highest of meticulous standards and help cultivate those around it to grow and capitalise on the back of its services. In this way, the company has created a strong network of clients who are growing in tandem – as they say, a rising tide raises all boats, and that is certainly the perspective the company takes in regard to its work. “As the company’s partners grow in their respective business and expand through vertical integration, MMF Global Trading LLC grows with them by helping them source the relevant raw materials for their expanding industries and needs.” Whether it be crucial building materials such as plywood, steel, and hardwood, or a vast variety of chemicals and fertilisers, from sulphuric acid, phosphates, and sulphur, MMF Global Trading has the skills, expertise and equipment to deliver on time, and with safety always in mind. After all, it’s no secret that the transportation of often dangerous chemicals requires a strong dedication to standards and regulations. MMF Global Trading delivers across the board, with an ethos firmly built around competency and continuous professional development for its team. While the company was specifically recognised for its services in regard to polymer exportation, and indeed, deservedly so, it would be remiss to gloss over its other services. It is clear from the most cursory of glances over the company’s history and growth that it has achieved exceptional milestones and cultivated a reputation in the market for being a reliable business partner and accelerator. This has served to create a brand image of the company that marks it as different from the plethora of other options available to those looking for exportation services across the UAE and the Middle East as a whole. Moving forwards, MMF Global Trading aims to compound its progress it has made over the past couple of years. With significant challenges in its past and, seemingly, on the horizon, the company is all too aware that its network is vital to the future of the company as it moves towards expansion and development. The petrochemical industry deserves to be singled out here, as the worldwide industry relies on the everyday work of companies such as MMF Global Trading and others. The last four years has proven to be a tumultuous time for those operating in this space, and those that do work in it have had to pivot towards a platform of flexibility, innovation and adaptability – a platform that MMF Global Trading has utterly embraced in its continued mission to provide the best services to its clients. For all of these reasons and more, MMF Global Trading’s recognition in the MEA Business Awards seemed an obvious choice. Through its work, it has helped better the world around it, driving growth and momentum to all those who have flourished under its expertise. This will certainly continue moving forwards, regardless of what the next couple of years brings. MMF Global Trading LLC Address: 809 The Metropolis Tower, Burj Khalifa Street, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE 113225 Telephone: +97145578443 Fax: +971 45578643 Email: [email protected] Website: