MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 Most Comprehensive Film Equipment Rental Company - Dubai Action Filmz Productions LLC has become a mainstay of the entertainment industry within Dubai and the UAE for over 18 years now. This year, Action Filmz Productions has been recognised for its work in servicing the industry. We spoke with Founder and CEO, Crispin Dominic to find out more about its achievements, history of excellence, and ethos. While Hollywood has been a dominating presence in the film and entertainment industry, it would be utterly remiss to ignore the colossal impact of markets outside of it. It’s no secret that the Indian market is the true goliath – vast and evergrowing. Equally, the Middle Eastern markets are looking to follow in its footsteps, with numerous establishments, organisations, individuals and businesses innovating and creating extraordinary things in the space. To begin, Crispin offers more insight into the history of Action Filmz Productions. “Our core lies in renting out state-of-theart equipment servicing to the film and photography industry, ranging from digital cinema cameras, lenses, film lighting, grip equipment, still photography equipment, Studio Rentals, AV Equipment, Transport, and Generators, and our professional-experienced crew. We have been more than ever growing bigger and stronger over the past years doing massive Hollywood and Bollywood Blockbusters, Features, Drama Series, and Commercials, and associating with high-end brands and have been into line production producing many commercials and short films like DTCM’s brand films featuring Shah Rukh Khan and many well-known celebrities. “Our core value is to be a creative hub for the film and photo industry. More than from a business point of view, we would love to create an arena where filmmakers and photographers can come together and innovate ideas. This is purely out of the love we have for the industry, and we genuinely would love to return back what the industry has given us all these years.” This core value hinges on client centricity, with each client being treated, above all else, as an individual. Interestingly, this ability to treat each client as unique has served to