MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 Building a better business requires highquality information that can be interrogated and interpreted in many ways. When it comes to making sense of multiple data sources, no one is better than the team at Kodak Alaris. This leading provider of information capture solutions is helping organisations around the world operate more efficiently. odak Alaris has a long history of technology innovation and leadership. Since launching their first production document scanner in 1990, they have remained at the cutting edge of digital transformation progress. In today’s digital revolution, intelligent data capture solutions have become critical to business operations. For over two decades, Kodak Alaris has helped companies make sense of the overwhelming amounts of information that must be onboarded into enterprise systems. The team at Kodak Alaris have constructed a comprehensive network of smart solutions that comprise high-end document scanners, data capture software, and professional services—all of which are available worldwide. Organisations including BPOs, Service Bureaus, and large mailrooms around the world rely on the technology and services team at Kodak Alaris, especially when it comes to high-volume document scanning. With more than 150 patents, an impressive global partner ecosystem, and a services and support team that has earned an elite Net Promoter Score of 95%, Kodak Alaris is clearly a trusted organization committed to the success of its customers and technology partners. Continuous innovation is a challenge for any business, but it’s part of the ethos that has helped Kodak Alaris maintain its strong position in the market. Their continually expanding portfolio is the broadest in the market, from desktop scanners to high-volume production scanners, all delivering consistently superior image quality, plus award-winning data capture software that seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise systems. Automation is the way forward for all businesses, and managing data is the challenge at the center of it all. With so much information flowing into organizations, people need solutions that help them organize and extract key data to help business operate more efficiently and to help leaders make informed decisions. Servicing customers worldwide in a host of different industries, the Kodak Alaris team have adapted perfectly to suit the unique needs of various organizations. In regions such as the MEA that manage high volumes of paper-based workflows, there is an opportunity to make significant efficiency gains in both time and cost savings, thus enabling sustainable growth. Security and confidentiality are critical to successful data onboarding and management, especially in the healthcare, financial, and government markets. The team at Kodak Alaris is particularly proud of its INfuse solution, which onboards data directly into business processes without the need for a connected PC. Connecting a PC to the data onboarding process introduces security risk, so the Kodak INfuse Solution effectively reduces the attack surface to enable more secure data processes. INfuse is ideal for remote or decentralised environments and workflows, capturing data at the point of transaction. With devices deployed across multiple locations, preconfigured with validation rules and integrated with enterprise systems via secure cloud connectivity, businesses can more confidently manage their data inflows. This system flexibility has been praised by many organisations working with the Kodak Alaris team. Another defining aspect of Kodak Alaris’ success is the customer loyalty it has cultivated around the world. In terms of responsiveness, technical accuracy, and professionalism, they are unmatched in the industry. Kodak Alaris has a 92% first call completion rate, a 99% remote software resolution rate, and a 95% rating for customer satisfaction. In the competitive landscape, Kodak Alaris fares exceptionally well for its technology and service organization. When compared to K Best Information Capture Solutions Provider - MEA