MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 Best Artisan Olive Wood Products Company - North Africa The handmade has an appeal which is, understandably, truly unique. Few understand this better than the team at ArtisRaw who have transformed the appeal of the unique into an international enterprise. In the MEA Business Awards 2022, the firm was finally recognised for their success. We take a closer look at how they’ve managed to achieve such stunning results to find out more. Olive wood is one of the finest raw materials available for use on the handmade market, and it’s little surprise that it stands at the heart of what the team at ArtisRaw provides. For generations, the people behind this company have developed new techniques and ways of working which have transformed the use of this stunning resource, inspiring new heights of success. Given the high level of craft that goes into any handmade product, it will come as little surprise that the ArtisRaw team ensure their products have a high value assigned to them. Covering a host of goods, including kitchen appliances, cooking utensils, games, decorative items, bathroom accessories and more, there is something for everyone from this intrepid crew. While based in Tunisia, the audience is truly international. The incredible ArtisRaw range has been exported to many different parts of the world, with customers in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, France and Germany able to enjoy the delights that the team are able to offer. What draws them in is the way in which the range organic, sustainable and beautiful in equal measure. The market for artisan products which are organic, sustainable, eco-friendly and handmade has grown significantly over the last few years. People are looking for items which are unique and can stand apart as talking points in their own rights. Such an approach is one which is sympathetic to the way in which ArtisRaw has always operated, and the team have worked on ensuring that the compatibility of their values with the market at large are clear for all to see. Theirs is a field where the market has expanded considerably over the last few years, without the need to pivot how the team works at all. Ensuring that customers continue to delight in what is available has meant the team has had to innovate in terms of what they offer. To maintain the exclusivity of a handmade product, the team are always looking to change what they are able to offer to clients. Designers in the office are always working on new products, collaborating with the artisans in the workshop who are constantly refining their talents. The collaborative way in which everyone approaches their work is the true secret behind the team’s success, with all members of the business playing their part in ensuring that each ArtisRaw piece is beautiful, useful, practical and classy. Consolidating such an effective way of working has been the result of years of professional development, but it has led to a team which always puts the company’s success at the top of their priorities. New team members have to fit into this unique environment, undergoing a comprehensive integration period in which they can meet their new colleagues and learn more deeply what it means to work in the ArtisRaw way. With this grounding, it is possible to have the largest possible impact as swiftly as possible. The work that the ArtisRaw team undertakes is highly specialised, requiring extreme devotion and discipline to maintain the high standards that customers expect. Creating artisan products is not commonplace at the moment which is part of the firm’s USP. It has also affected who is looking for the firm’s products. Currently, ArtisRaw sells exclusively to audiences outside of the MEA Region. The international crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the success of the firm, and was a region behind many changes undertaken by the team in order to recover various lost opportunities. While selling products is an important part of how ArtisRaw works, their focus is more holistically minded than simply looking for ways to ensure material profit. Above all, an ArtisRaw product will introduce customers to a more eco-friendly lifestyle that does not bring harm to mother nature. Sustainability is a factor which can reach into every part of our lives, and nothing showcases this more clearly than the impressive range of products available from the ArtisRaw team. You can find their items in the kitchen or bedroom, garden or living room. It’s green consumerism, with a flexibility that is without parallel. Looking ahead, the future of ArtisRaw is a firm which continues to reach into new and exciting territory for sales. The sales team have begun to explore the potential of an Amazon store, which would open up exciting new markets and audiences internationally. Similarly, the team are looking to establish physical stores for their products in Tunisia, Europe and the United States. Each of these possibilities would act as a showroom for the stunning products developed by the team. ArtisRaw has always reached out to an international audience, but it is not yet quite an international brand. After years of growth and development, however, it seems that this is a business on the cusp of greatness, pushing out into bold new territory. For many, the principles that make ArtisRaw stand out, those of being sustainable, ecofriendly, organic and handmade, have never been more appealing. To this audience, ArtisRaw is more than a range of products – it’s a lifestyle. From seemingly humble beginnings, this artisan producer has found itself reaching out to the international markets when it comes to securing success. With a host of talent that is always pushing forward, it seems like there is no stopping this incredible team. Following their success in the MEA Business Awards, we cannot wait to see what this stunning group do next. Company: ArtisRaw Name: Bilel Cherif Email: [email protected] Web Address: