Issue 10 2021

8 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 , A Smooth Operation When it comes to lubricants, oils, greases and specialty chemicals, Spenergy has got it covered. Every business needs a strong leader who has a clear vision for the future as well as the present moment. Here, we talk to Terence Spencer about his company, Spenergy, as he wins CEO of the Year – Georgia 2021. As a premier supplier of premium high-performance lubricants, oils, greases, and speciality chemicals, Spenergy provides a generous selection of premium products to a variety of end-users. Offering a variety of services, Spenergy ensures a smooth operation for all industrial, marine, aviation, automotive, and military equipment applications in a wide selection of locations. With a clear vision of Spenergy’s values, CEO Terence Spencer leads the company with pride and a focus on his employees. Terence tells us, “Our staff play the most vital and pivotal role in the success of our firm, and there is nothing that can happen in our business without people. Our people are the most critical and valuable asset to our company and are treated as such through our care, recognition and awards initiatives.” Terence says, “When seeking new talent, the qualities we focus on are centred on their understanding of the role in which they are being asked to fill, ingenuity, personal accountability, flexibility, adaptability in how they manage change, strength of soft skills, and capacity to learn new skills whilst reinforcing their inherent strengths.” Through a culture of service excellence, Spenergy’s personnel work with the customers’ maintenance departments to make sure that training and analysis is of the highest quality. This makes regulatory compliance run as smoothly as the seamless operation of every piece of machinery that Spenergy’s products touch. With its in-service lubricant testing, Spenergy is able to save its customers from unnecessary downtime. By using oil analysis to detect potential threats, Spenergy is able to prevent the failure of machinery, saving businesses time and money. All of Spenergy’s services include analysis and testing, from debris analysis, metalworking fluids and diesel analysis, to turbine oil sustainability testing. By analysing and testing the properties of each lubricant, grease, oils, and specialist chemicals, Spenergy is able to provide the best products on the market. As a customer centric business, Spenergy understands the consumer’s need for single supplier convenience. This means that it does its best to supply everything that its clients need when it comes to operating their machinery, no matter the industry. Offering a plethora of different brands, from its proprietary Spenergy branded products to Chevron, Citgo and many more specialist brands, Spenergy is able to provide something for everyone. Its host of Military Performance Specification certified lubricants come in all packaging sizes and specifications to ensure an accurate application every time. Spenergy offers bulk delivery on products all over the nation and with its focus on efficiency, reliability, and a customer focused service, it is making a Sep21070 huge difference to every industry that it works with. Throughout the pandemic, there has been a huge shift in the chain of suppliers and a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the supplies themselves. This has had a huge bearing on Spenergy’s customer base. “The primary industry-based challenges we are facing is the level of constant volatility in the base oil market as it impacts every business which operates in our business. COVID has certainly impacted our industry,” Terence admits. However, in response to the changes in the industry, he says, “Through utilizing our business continuity plan and with strong commitment to supply chain flexibility, adaptability, and agility, we are not only able to weather the storm, but we were also fortunate to have grown our business throughout the pandemic.” Now that the pandemic is easing off, and businesses are starting to return to a normal arch of supplies, “Our plans are aligned with our value proposition and remain committed to our three tenets of people, product, and performance. We focus on our core competencies which is to continue to be a premier supplier of premium, high-performance lubricants, oils, greases, and specialty chemicals that offers lubrication and chemical solutions,” says Terence. Spenergy is continuously focused on the needs of its customers and with its dedication, care, and expert qualities, it is remaining a top competitor in its industry. Contact: Terence Spencer Web Address: