Issue 10 2021

34 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 , Aug21474 Get It Right With Bluelight Healthcare For all healthcare recruitment needs, it is important to find a company that truly believes in its clients and candidates. Albert Kwachie, CEO of Bluelight Healthcare Recruitment Ltd, wins CEO of the Year, 2021 – Essex, the United Kingdom. Here we talk to Albert about his success with regards to the work that Bluelight does in the care industry as well as the support that he has for the company. Established in 2018, Bluelight Healthcare Recruitment Ltd is a medical recruitment company with a large portfolio of top quality and affordable medical professionals across both public and private sectors. Bluelight Healthcare prides itself on a prompt service and quick turnaround for its clients. With all of its clients and candidates in mind, its motto is “emergency response to your staffing needs”. Providing an experience rather than a service, Bluelight is creating something bespoke for healthcare companies across the UK. CEO Albert Kwachie has been contributing to Bluelight Healthcare since its beginning and is a huge part of its journey to becoming, in his words, a “business which puts people at the core of our business. We are committed to promoting a positive work environment in which everyone can grow.” Bluelight scouts for the most desirable hospitals and clients to provide only the best medical professionals on the market. When looking for staff, Albert and the Bluelight Healthcare team all look for people who are bigger than their experience and qualifications. Albert tells us, “We are looking at the dreams, aspiration, and motivation to succeed in their lives and careers. Staff are your best assets and the secret to a successful business is your assets.” By employing the best people for the job, Bluelight is ensuring a bright future for the world of healthcare recruitment. Albert is also highly supportive towards his staff members and says that “each individual has a different way of handling situations, different rhythm of work and different views on how the task should be completed.” He understands that each person has their own unique way of working that ultimately leads to the same result – better care. This attitude gives everyone a chance to show what they are capable of and gives them an opportunity to shine. Now, Albert has won CEO of the Year, 2021 – Essex, the United Kingdom. His focus is now on “getting the business bigger and closer to my vision of building our own hospital and buying residential homes and nursing homes. There is a lot of work ahead.” He is aware that he has brought Bluelight Healthcare so far by creating an environment where it is a “moving train and we do not go back.” He believes in getting everyone on board and moving forwards every day so as to keep working towards the future. Contact: Albert Kwachie Web Address: