Issue 10 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 23 Invest In The Best valuable Legal Tech, FinTech, and aerospace-IT experience alongside his passion for leadership, management and technology. With a background working in legal companies, Johan understands the importance of legal procedures and the ability to sustain business connections. For long-standing and strong relationships, it is important for everyone to be on board with all policies and laws. Johan’s mindset, “Step aside and step back so you can see in 3D”, shows us that he is really focused on finding solutions to potential challenges. By seeing everything in 3D, we can see the whole story and understand how to approach things. Dedicated to selling trust, Monestro is doing all it can to enable its investors and Loan Originators to have the best experience possible, and it does this by putting them first for better results. Its new product launch this May has helped its customers greatly; its secure payment services act as a safety net that not only minimises risk, but further maximises trust between Monestro and investor. For the future, Monestro aims to continue building the trust between itself and its investors for stronger, longer- lasting relationships that keep individuals coming back. Contact: Sanobia Anwer Web Address: