Issue 10 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 17 , Aug21349 A Leader Amongst Men. Ahmad AlDarwish, CEO of Falcon Robotics, started his career in the aviation industry as an Aircraft Broker and Flight Operations Engineer. Then, he got his professional drone pilot license and started looking for aerial photography and inspection projects. However, due to regulations and other constraints, Ahmad realized this was not enough to sustain himself as a business and wanted to build his own drones and other products. Consequently, with the help of his highly qualified team, Ahmad has built Falcon Robotics, a trading company, technology integrator and AI consultancy, all centred around his experience and interest in the field of drones and robotics. Ahmad learned that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for the range of challenges that face the various sectors of the industry. Immense amounts of investments, not to mention Falcon Robotics was founded in 2018 to raise funds for CEOAhmad AlDarwish’s patent pending inventions. In addition, the aimwas to showcase to the world the many constructive outcomes that can come from the United Arab Emirates. Following Ahmad’s recent recognition as CEO of the Year, 2021 - The United Arab Emirates, we take a closer look at his work at the helmof Falcon. valuable time and efforts, go wasted trying to solve problems using off the shelf solutions. Ahmad aims to take what is technologically available, and improve upon it as needed. Often, this includes adding extra functionality (both in terms of hardware and software) to produce the best and most feasible solutions for clients. Ahmad explains, “The experience we gain as we try to come up with the best possible solutions for our customers’ needs, enhances our knowledge and understanding of the most imminent and critical issues various sectors are currently facing. This helps us not only finetune our future efforts towards concentrating on resolving those issues but also helps us in guiding the younger generation, including our interns, about the specific areas where they should expand their energies looking for better solutions.” Initially, Falcon Robotics wanted to make its solutions fit the clients’ needs; however, Ahmad explains, “Over time we learned that what the clients almost always need are more customized and targeted versions of whatever off-the- shelf solutions that may be available. Otherwise, there is a good chance they may end up wasting their time and money and start all over again looking for a better solution.” Integral to Falcon Robotics’ success are the core team members, crucial to its consistent, innovative, and reputable role within the industry. Ahmad states, “I highly believe that no matter how good an idea is or how smart the leader is, the team members are the ones that make it happen and work.” The only effective way Falcon Robotics can serve its clients is to stay on top of the advancements being carried out at the institutional level. That can only be achieved by practical collaborative efforts between the Falcon group, the research communities, and the educational institutions within the UAE and at an international level. Hence, moving forward, its goal is to increase the level of collaboration with these entities. Ahmad explains, “We will have new highly-qualified talent joining us, will open branches in GCC, set up JVs in EU, USA and work on the already established UK company, Falcon Robotics Ltd. Our main goal is to go global. Also, if we get the necessary approvals, we will be setting up a defence unit that will be serving the international military corps with different solutions. My main plan is to have a product built by Falcon Robotics in every country.” Additionally, Ahmad believes that it is Falcon Robotics and the general population’s responsibility to leave the world a better place than it was found. Ahmad states, “We want our clients to know that we take responsibility for our impact on the earth and are actively and continuously looking for ways to manage, protect and restore the environment. We care about our planet and keeping the environment, and its sustainability is a top priority. We will make it our mission to ensure that we deliver unique and innovative solutions that are not harmful to the environment in any way.” Name: Ahmad AlDarwish Web Address: Email: [email protected]