Issue 10 2021

14 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 , Rua Al MadinahHolding Company is one of the Public Investment Fund companies (PIF) involved in the investment of Saudi Arabia’s vision for progression and evolution for 2030. Rua develops the most distinguished projects in line with the 2030 visionwhich seeks to enrich the position of the city and its Islamic heritage. KhalidM. Al Telmesani, recognised as CEO of the Year, 2021- Saudi Arabia, describes Rua’s role and importance within the Kingdom. Rua Al Madinah Holding Company, one of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) corporations, aims to develop and diversify the economic base of Saudi Arabia by strengthening the position of Al Madinah Al Munawara as a prestigious religious destination with a modern infrastructure derived from its Islamic history. Furthermore, Rua inspires to raise the readiness of the central area of Al Masjid Al Nabawi - or the Prophet’s Mosque, built by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and opened in 622AD - by developing integrated hospitality, commercial, residential and edutainment projects that serve the Madinah people, pilgrims, and its visitors. Rua Almadinah project, focusing on this vision for 2030 , is embarking on a unique transformation of economic and social reform to reinvent Saudi Arabia to the world. This strategic framework would reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil and diversify its economy by developing public sectors such as infrastructure, recreation, and tourism. Its fundamental goal is the reinforce economic investment activities and promote a softer image of the Kingdom. Rua’s initial design and initiation were to reinforce the position of Al Madinah as an Islamic destination by harnessing expertise, capabilities, and all modern technologies in its projects. The Rua project is known for its character by its strategic location and direct view of the Prophet’s Mosque from its eastern side, with a total area of 1.35 million square meters. In addition, the project is based on several essential elements, including complete separation between the movement of vehicles and pedestrian paths. Rua has a modern design within a sustainable green environment, enriching the visiting experience while respecting the sanctity of the place. The project extends past the unprecedented urban renaissance experienced by Saudi Arabia and, therefore, reflects the community, with rich history and a bold, fresh outlook as a pillar holding up the municipal area. The Rua project is directed towards pilgrims, visitors, and Madinah residence and aims to host additional visitors to Al Masjid Al Nabawi. The project will do this by increasing the capacity of hotels and providing unique commercial, residential, and cultural projects in a great area, enriching the spiritual and cultural experiences of pilgrims and visitors. It also hopes to develop cultural centres and museums around the area, comprehensive and modern systems for pedestrian passages, and facilitate arrivals and departure procedures. Additionally, the project is integrated and directly connected to the eastern yard of the Holy Mosque. At the helm of this impressive project is Eng. Khalid M. Al Telmesani who joined Rua as Chief Executive Officer in 2019. Having previously served as a board member in several reputable firms, lectured in various seminars, and attended numerous accredited courses and executive programs in international institutes such as IMD, Lausanne – Switzerland, Real Estate Development CEO of the year 2021 (KSA) KHALID AL TELMESANI Aug21311