Issue 10 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 11 AManwith aMission. proportion of the population has been unwell outside of Covid-19 and not had access to treatment at the usual place. Nevertheless, being closer together over 18 months has inevitably led to relationship pressures and increasing numbers of divorces already being filed. Steve states, “Our prediction of more unstable financial lives and lenders who are prepared to stand up to support those around them, to listen and understand, to find innovative solutions, is coming to bear even quicker than we anticipated.” Alongside that, as with all businesses, Bluestone has had to adapt to working from home and bringing in new technology. This was an additional challenge for the company as it moved into new offices the weekend before the first national lockdown, and most of the equipment needed to assist colleagues was locked in crates. Steve explains, “Fortunately, we found our way, and I am proud of how well the team at Bluestone Mortgages responded to the challenge and supported our customers during this period. When many other lenders turned off their support, we carried on lending, and we know this was hugely appreciated.” The Government and Regulator introduced a range of measures to support customers during the pandemic, and Bluestone joined all lenders in deploying these solutions. This was particularly challenging due to the additional complexity of training colleagues remotely. But, as ever, the team at Bluestone came together with enthusiasm and a commitment to support its customers. Steve states, “We learnt a lot, together with our broker partners, and continue to evolve to provide the best service we can for our growing customer base.” Looking ahead, Bluestone is not just poised to grow; it is pushing forward at pace. Those following Bluestone can expect to see new products and services, more hires, continued refinement of its service proposition and an embedding of more technology within the business while keeping a laser focus on people and its personal service. Steve explains, “Expect to see us championing the needs of our customers to wake up our industry to modernise. There is so much more we want to achieve, and we are driving ahead to shift the standard of lending in the UK today.” Company: Bluestone Mortgages Name: Steve Seal Email: [email protected] Web Address: