GCC Enterprise Awards 2019

4 MEA MARKETS / 2019 GCC Enterprise Awards , Fête Events Events Company of the Year 2019 - UAE A teamof artists, dreamers and designers, Fête Events in the heart of Dubai is a powerhouse of creative excellence. Delivering emotionally-impactful weddings, or laugh-out-loud birthday parties, Mallika Singh and her team create multi-sensory experiences like no other. See why they are one of the best events companies of the year across the United Arab Emirates in 2019. Carefully designed and meticulously arranged, Fête Events specialise in conceptualising, designing and perfectly executing weddings and corporate events. The company take pride in organising highly customised events that are tailored to meet the clients every need, from the oddest quirk, to the most eclectic eccentricity. Formed in 2012, Fête Events is the realised dream of part-musician, part-designer, Mallika Singh. An undeniable leader of avant-garde events in Dubai, Singh is famed for skilfully crafting event masterpieces that change perceptions and create multi- sensory experiences for her clients. Prior to the formation of the company, mounting social appreciation of her solo work resulted in Singh utilizing her passion in an entrepreneurial capacity, which brought about the birth of Fête Events. Jul19146 Jul19466

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