GCC Enterprise Awards 2018

14 MEA MARKETS / 2018 GCC Enterprise Awards , Drawing on more than 48 years’ experience in the hospitality market Dallah Hotels & Resorts (DH&R) is a Saudi Arabia based hotel group operating a range of properties in the region. We profile the firmand its award-winning Dallah TaibahHotel to find out more and explore the secrets behind its phenomenal success. Best City Centre Hotel 2018 - Al Madinah Founded in 1969 as a small proprietorship, Dallah AI Baraka company over the years has evolved into a diversified international conglomerate, incorporating vast investments in over 40 countries worldwide. Set within the illuminating city of Madinah Al - Munawarah, the group’s Dallah Taibah Hotel offers personalized service, and is situated adjacent to Haram Al Nabawi. Its unique location is a glimpse away to the forecourt of the Mosque of the Prophet (S.A.W.) Dallah Taibah Hotel is a 4-star property Managed by DALLAHHOTELS & RESORTS . As a result of its unique location and exceptional hospitality, Dallah Taibah is the best place GCC18009 to stay in this blessed city. The establishment believes that its success as a unique hotel is grounded in its purpose, values, and conduct demonstrated each day through its personalized service. To ensure that every guest receives the very highest possible level of support and service, staff are of vital importance. DH&R have set goals and strategies to all departments to meet the objectives of the operation through carefully analysing the key performance indicators so that they can continue to succeed. Taking the whole business into consideration, the firm focuses on two main objectives. One is to run the establishment with profitability, and the other is to provide requirements of quality products and good services to the guests. In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, the firm monitors three important key result areas: efficiency, effectiveness and economy, all of which are important for the group’s ongoing success. As part of this focus on developing staff and supporting them to grow and flourish, the group works closely with its senior teams. To produce successful managers the group engages in the strategy- development process, involving managers in the organization. This involves developing a strategy to help chart a course, coordinate others, and conserve energy, ensuring long-term growth for the group. Looking to the future, there is a scope for revenue growth as the Kingdom is planning to promote the tourism sector, and as such DH&R have plans to operate another two new properties in Madinah - KSA in a span of two years, so that the firm can build upon the achievements of the Dallah Taibah Hotel and further enhance the group’s overall success. Company: Dallah Taibah Hotel Contact: Hassan Rauff Address: PO BOX # 6747, Abi Zar Street, Madinah Al- Munawarah, Saudi Arabia Phone: 00966 14 8290055 Website: www.dallahtaibah.com

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