GCC Enterprise Awards 2017

16 MEA MARKETS / APRIL 2017 , Solexplus is a full service Business Process Outsourcing Organization. We invited Saud Sarwar to tell us more about the firmand the services it offers. Best Business Process Outsourcing Company - Saudi Arabia Part of the TasHeel Group, a major Saudi conglomerate with focus on managed services and offices and customer services centers in 30 regional and global locations. SolexPLUS has been providing innovative BPO Solution since 2009. Headquartered in Jeddah with an impressive 95% All SAUDI Workforce, the firm’s innovative technology, progressive attitude and the degree to which it exceeds the expectations of its clients are the key to the firm’s success. SolexPLUS stands for Solution Experts, and as such the firm specializes in providing innovative solutions to complex business challenges, as Saud outlines. “Here at Solexplus, our client service philosophy focuses entirely on first discovering their unique business challenges and requirements and then offering a complete solution to meet their demands. This is clearly defined in our vision: To be a trusted partner and a world-class BPO service provider in the region, offering innovative business solutions through commitment to our core values and to the best interest of all stakeholders. “In order to achieve this we maintain high standards in our company by first galvanizing our workforce with our service philosophy and maintaining a system of motivating our employees on their adherence to the philosophy which reinforces great customer focus behaviours in our teams.” Operating in such a competitive market, differentiation is vital, and as such Solexplus works hard to showcase the fact that it is the best option for clients, as Saud explains. “What makes us unique is our staunch focus on providing end-to-end customer experience solutions to our clients. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by showcasing our diversity of experience and present ourselves as the best option by first understanding our client’s requirements in detail and providing complete solution to their needs as well as adding value added services on top of our solution stack. This handholding and offering a plethora of services to our clients. Looking ahead, the firm has a number of strong plans to grow and expand, as Saud is keen to highlight in his final comments. “The future prospects are very bright for our firm, as we are aiming to grow as a company and build upon our current success. Over the last three years we have grown a 100% and we foresee a bright future with the Saudi Arabia’s National Transformation plan 2020 and the Vision 2030 in place. MAB17003

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