MEA December 2017

MEAMARKETS / December 2017 7 Putting the Brand in the Spotlight g need love and a great deal of attention and care. “Brands in the Middle East should start looking for agencies that understand brand essence, and can develop plans that would benefit in building and maintaining brands images. Agencies that allow managements to focus more on the true aspects of their mission, like building real relationships with their clients, teaching and educating them on the brand, staying focused on the values that their products or solutions provide rather than the products themselves. In the digital age, especially where brands are exposed and knowledge is available to everyone. “Technology is evolving in a speed never matched in human history. Companies now are more concerned about the environment and the global changes affecting the human race in general and their markets and so catching up with the trends is never an easy task. Hence why it is important to pause and think about the heart of things, why to execute a marketing campaign? Why to invite people to attend a physical event when you can gather them in a video stream? Answering the basic questions leads to solutions that fit the problems, rather than applying all sort of new technologies and techniques whether they are necessary or not. “Everyone experience having epiphanies and ideas every once and a while, but the main challenge is not coming up with ideas, it’s what you do after that? How you move from ideation to prototyping or execution? Do you need to follow the hype and do what everyone else is doing? Sometimes the answer to these questions suggests a very simple route, like communicating through SMS’s. There are times that you need to build a full activation experience that works both online and offline, and luckily we have the ones who can ask these questions and put them into action.” The Middle East is full of potential, talent, and a deep desire to rise and leave a mark on the existence of humanity, Anas explains to us when discussing what differentiates Marcom Arabia from their competitors. “Both individuals and brands suffer from the lack of focus on the true essence. Which is why, the role of marketing agencies are here to help identify the core values, focusing on them and nourishing them. “Our team understand the nature of the business our industry, they know the fast pace of the life we live, and the tremendous effect marketing has on brands, and we take that to the core of our daily lives. As a marketing company, our role is not merely to execute things, but to put the brand at the center, to shine the light as its values and to drive it to achieve its mission. “Our employees are equipped, talented and experienced. As for our portfolio, it is comprehensive and covers a wide range of marketing services, however, that’s not everything. Within this field, our knowledge and understanding of the industries and markets we operate in, have allowed us to come up with strategies that assist brands in achieving their goals and living their values. “Knowing that brands need to communicate with their clients, we’ve built a professional database of more than 200k contacts and 100k accounts segmented by industries, job titles, to help our clients reach their target audience. Also, we have expanded into the digital world and we now offer digital marketing services that allow our clients to advertise, promote and engage with their clients. “When it comes to the execution part, our in-house facilities contribute to better control the outcomes of every job we take, to name a few: registration systems (online & onsite), audio/ visual systems, creative design, printing and production (indoor & outdoor), Booths fabrication and building, the list goes on. Our seasoned team not only has the knowledge in locating and sourcing external suppliers, but also in negotiating prices and working within tight time frames, which enables our clients to focus on the more crucial aspects of their projects.”