MEA December 2017

22 MEA MARKETS / December 2017 , Anewreport, gathering the latest dataonthe topAfricanArt collectors, has beenreleasedbyArtMarketGuru, featuringacomprehensive list anddata of the topcollectorsoperating intheregion. ArtMarketGuru Releases African Art Collectors Report Over the last ten years, interest in African art and its market has been steadily growing, fuelled in part by the emergence of major art fairs dedicated to the region and a surge in interest from international auction houses. With the launch of the inaugural 1:54 Contemporary Art Fair in Marrakech set for February 2018, this list provides extensive data on the most influential forces driving the African art market. Following a wealth boom in the continent, particularly noticeable from countries such as Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa, the contemporary art scene emerging from Africa has steadily increased alongside this rise in relative prosperity. In a recent interview with the Guardian newspaper, auctioneer Simon de Pury stated that “the art market has become truly global” with a number of “African collectors of importance”. Key to sustaining this growth is a list of wealthy collectors supporting the continued development and interest in African artists. Stretching across continents, much of the rise in Africa’s art market is due to an increased hunger overseas, as major auction houses and international art fairs display regional artists, bringing focus to wide audience of hungry dealers, and thus engaging the flow of wealth back to the local art scene from which these artists emerge, and ultimately where the top collectors operate within. The top collectors report represents the most influential forces in the African art market, from major economy figures to more discreet collectors; a concise list providing extensive knowledge of the scene. With a selection of top players, including biographical details, past and current art world involvement and affiliations, this report provides an overview of the current African art scene. Frédéric de Senarclens has led successful modern and contemporary art galleries and exhibitions in Geneva and Singapore, with artists including Bernar Venet, Fabienne Verdier, Thukral and Tagra, Chun Kwang Young, Pablo Reinoso, Jedd Novatt. Passionate about public art, he has contributed to the installation of major public works, including a monumental sculpture by American artist Jedd Novatt at the UOB Building, Singapore, an eight meters long mural painting by British artist Ian Davenport at the HANA Building, Singapore and a light installation by French artist Pascal Dombis - Irrationnal Geometrics in Perth, Australia. With expertise in the field of art publishing, Senarclens has contributed to the publication of reference books on Tribal Art L’âme de l’Afrique : Masques et sculptures and contemporary art - Art Plural: Voices of Contemporary Art. He was also committed to the discovery of young contemporary artists, creating exhibition programs such as the Art Plural Young Emerging Artist Program and lectures in the field. Now a digital entrepreneur in the art world, Senarclens recently launched ArtAndCollect, a platform for collectors to engage directly with a global network of buyers and artists. As Founder of ArtMarketGuru, Frederic comments on the report and how this will affect collectors and the market as a whole. “The African art market is booming. With a surge of interest from major international players, this market is undergoing developments that have had vast impact on the art world. The next generation of art collectors is beginning to emerge from more emerging wealth regions in Africa and I believe that we are on the cusp of a wealth boom in this market.”