MEA December 2017

16 MEA MARKETS / December 2017 , client needs or whatever is the problem. EEE will always have the solution, and we have just completed our new HQ building in Dubai south, which includes our company management, MENA operations management, show room, warehouse and local company operations, plus a 24/7 call centre. Lastly, the firm has also invested about AED 25 million, which is a message we send to the market, and our customers that we are investing in the future of UAE and the region. Basically, we are here to last and we have got a long term vision for our activities in the region.” Company: Elevator Engineering Enterprise LLC Contact: Khalid Al-Qaqa Contact Email: [email protected] Address: EEE House, No WA-47, logistics City, Dubai South, UAE Phone: 00971 4 8703999 Web Address: Elevator Engineering Enterprises (EEE) is the only comprehensive vertical transportation solutions provider who is committed to constantly advancing technology in elevator and escalator products and services. We invited Khalid Al-Qaqa to tell us more about the firm and the UAE region. Total Uprising Solutions EEE brands itself as “Total Uprising Solutions”, supplying a spectrum of Elevators for high and low-rise buildings, Customized Elevators, Escalators, Elevator and Escalator Maintenance, Building Maintenance Units, Parts and more products and services to come in the near future. EEE always sets its goals in terms of positioning products and services towards the growing market needs, technology development with superior quality. Khalid is featured as Vice President- Purchasing of the Year 2017 in Dubai – Deira, as a 2017 UAE Leading Decision Maker. He explains a bit more about the products, both those that are in production and those that are being readied to be released. “Regarding our products which are set for release in the near future, all of these will come at an extremely competitive price. We aim not just to be the leading provider in the market, but committed to fully satisfying our customers’ demands, plus we aim for the top, placing a focus on excellence.” Currently, within UAE, there are many challenges facing EEE, and Khalid explains what particular challenges are facing the company itself. Within Dubai, Khalid touches on the fact that some of the firm’s systems and standards have been implemented in neighbouring countries. “Essentially, we have taken our unique location in the vibrant UAE market to develop our systems and standards so they can be implemented in neighbouring countries, and today we operate in most of the MENA markets. It is all run and managed from our Dubai HQ, but political problems are always seen as challenges in our region, especially where we had to quit some markets and refocus on other markets. Our latest experience was in Erbil- Iraq where we had to pull out our teams from projects there, after years of developing that market we had to stop due to the situation over there, but on all cases operating from Dubai always gave us an opportunity to easily switch to other markets and compensate whatever was lost.” Following on from discussing the challenges of being based in UAE, Khalid then tells us about the advantages of being based in the region, and what opportunities will open up in the future. “UAE has always been unique, it’s a place designed to make establishing and running a business an easy process. The accessibility from and to the country is great, as you can get anywhere in the region by direct flights, plus. the infrastructure in the city makes it easy to host businesses events or exhibition to include decision makers from across the region. Additionally, the existence of free zone concepts, 100% foreign ownership, free capital and profit transfers are again unique in this market compared to the other markets in the region.” Finally, the company operated under different names, and is now focusing on its new brand EEE. Khalid signs off by predicting what the future holds for the company, commenting on what the company wants to be known for, as well as boasting about its excellent customer service, which will surely continue to see many returning clients. Moving forward as EEE, we want to be known as the yes company when it comes to vertical transportation solutions, meeting the requirements of whatever the 1711ME04