MEA December 2017

12 MEA MARKETS / December 2017 , Pyramedia Group is a unique company that offers a plethora of services ranging frommedia production and consulting for filmand television tomarketing and advertising, public relations and events management, making it the only company in the regionwith such a range of services. We took time to profile the firm to discover more about the diverse selection of services they provide. A Strong Team Driving a Leading Company Established in 1999, Pyramedia works with a very diverse pool of clients that range from government organisations, to national television channels to private sector companies from a series of sectors. The company has a philosophy of never limiting who it works with, and over the years, they have adopted an extremely flexible business model that allows the company to meet the needs of all clients regardless of their field of business. Due to the broad spectrum of services offered by Pyramedia, the company has pioneered and produced award winning productions and campaigns that span from cultural programs to morning shows, documentaries, social media videos, public relations campaigns and several marketing initiatives. As clients are extremely important, Pyramedia ensures that it tailors all its work to meet client needs with the highest quality delivery and cost-effective pricing. The company has a very strong core team who are all skilled and specialised, yet flexible enough to wear different hats and adapt to different roles and keep up with the times. The team members listen very closely to their clients and design all the work around what clients specifically need and demand. Through diligent collaboration, Pyramedia ensures that it delivers the scope of work they are looking for, while exceeding expectations at the same time. As Pyramedia is part of an extremely rapid and dynamic industry that is consistently evolving and is always filled with new technological advancements and techniques, the company ensures that it is always researching and implementing all the new industry trends. When social media became the new mode of outreach, Pyramedia hired a team and integrated as part of its client pool a specialised social media news channel called, “Oloom Abu Dhabi” that brings timely and updated news to the public from the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Pyramedia also works rigorously to learning everything about social media and now offer social media services to its clients, while consequently working on building and improving its own social media accounts. This is the approach Pyramedia takes towards anything new in the service industries it offers, the company researches, hires a team, adapts to the latest trends and uses the latest technology and solutions to offer the best service possible. It works with the philosophy of if you don’t keep up with the times, you will become a dinosaur and die. While Pyramedia is part of a very competitive industry and living in an exceedingly competitive era, what allows the company to lead is its variety of services and profound experience. Through years of work in the field, team members are able to briskly assess, consult and understand all client briefs and are able to implement the experience gathered over the years to enhance its services. Pyramedia clients know that they will get best-in-class service that is of the highest quality, creative as well as affordable. These variable is what allows the company to shine in any competitive environment. Clients approach Pyramedia due to its reputation, and due to their knowledge of the former award winning projects the company has worked on before that are associated with its name. The strength of Pyramedia lies in its team and the company has a diverse, professional and highly skilled team that knows how, when and what to deliver which has always been the key to their success. Pyramedia is very pleased to have won the Most Trusted Executive Director for Providing Outstanding Business Services in the United Arab Emirates as part of the MEA 2017 Leading Decision Makers Award and views this award as a reminder that the company has the highest calibre of people onboard and serves as motivational force to continue doing what they do. Pyramedia promotes a culture of variation, creativity, skill and independence. There is consistent empowerment of its team and guiding them towards treading new waters and taking full ownerships of projects. Pyramedia believes in reward, mentorship and respect for everyone’s opinion 1711ME05