Business Awards 2021

80 MEA MARKETS / Business Awards 2021 Dec21353 Credence Offshore, a company dedicated tomaritime logistics for offshore oil and gas sector andmaritime digitization is transforming the maritime sector and helping its stakeholders to digitize their operations inmost economical and sustainable way. Last year the company received an appreciation award along their principles Ascenz PTE LTD, for successfully installing the fuel monitoring and vessel tracking systemon board the Saudi Aramcomarine units. This directly corresponded with Aramco’s 2030 Vision to be the world leader inmaritime digitization and reducing carbon emissions. Credence Offshore is progressively transforming the industry with technologically advanced, easily implemented, user-intuitive solutions that improve the way a business operates from the bottom to the top, it has a firmbelief in pursuing and leveraging ingenuity at every turn, producing powerful, value-driven solutions as a result. The company also specializes in shipbroking andmaritime consultancy. Best Offshore Logistics Marketing Consultancy - Sharjah Credence Offshore in agreement with their principles Ascenz PTE LTD aims to be the pioneers as the company gears up to make marine business much easier for companies through electronic fuel monitoring systems and smart vessel management systems. The fundamental objective of the company is to help develop and support the stakeholders of an increasingly competitive maritime logistics sector. Ensuring companies have the right innovative solutions and tools to remain effective and competitive amongst a vibrant peer group. The technical and commercial expertise of the company aims upon specified solutions that is supported by a specialized staff focusing on vessel owners and their day-to-day challenges, allowing them greater opportunities for growth across international waters. Currently the company operates across India, Singapore, Middle East, and Africa. Credence Offshores logistical services and offshore construction segments have a global focus and an international reputation for excellence, making use of its expansive network of global offshore vessel owners, operators, strategic partners, and other marine professionals with whom it has an exemplary business relationship to serve its clients. Furthermore, it always operates in perfect compliance with specific regional rules and regulations depending on what area it finds itself in at any given time, able to advise its clients in how to do the same; this also enables it to respond to chartering, sale, and purchase enquiries quickly and efficiently. At present, it operates across the regions of India, Singapore, Middle East, and Africa, functioning as a broker and marketing consultant both. By enhancing customer service and client satisfaction through its value based, realistic solutions, it maintains its position as a highvalue services organisation with its continual growth. Additionally, Credence Offshore has recently been diversifying that much more as it develops alongside its industry, having gained footholds in regions where local content development is required to conduct business in the oil and gas sector, securing it another avenue through which it can aid maritime logistics. Its expertise in dealing with such specific local governance as well as the bigger picture of offshore law allows it to boast the development of a specific, solid, comprehensive marketing plan for a customer’s activities every time, with a dependable plan for their activities that allows them to extend a trustworthy hand. Moreover, Credence Offshore is dedicated to making sure its clients can operate with transparency and one-of-a-kind professional acumen improving the overall health of the industry. This effort of the company is bringing a largely traditional industry into the emerging new age with technologically dependable solutions that are highly responsive to client needs. Willing to work with them at every turn, it promises clients that they can expect a tailorable, innovative, and empathic service, and it very much looks forward to offering this to many more professionals in the future. Apart from digitization Credence Offshore also represents various multinational companies under its umbrella offering solutions such as vehicle tracking system, green hydrogen, gas carrier technologies, yard management, and port control solution. Company: Credence Offshore Contact: Sagar Wadbudhe Website: Credence Offshore