Business Awards 2021

78 MEA MARKETS / Business Awards 2021 Dec21115 Incorporated in 2016 and registered with theMinistry Economy, Level Accounts Auditing LLCwas established with a renowned reputation for its work. This is anything from indirect tax experts to top-tier accountants and a highly regarded specialism in VAT international taxation, accountancy, business advisory and consultancy services. Recognised as theMost Reliable Tax Agency in the UAE, Level provides tailored solutions that are entirely individual to each client’s needs. Most Reliable Tax Agency - UAE At Level Accounts Auditing LLC, its experienced, skilled, and trained professionals provide outstanding accounting, auditing, and tax advisory services. In addition to its superior services within the tax sector, Level offers comprehensive solutions and other correlated services to alleviate its clients’ risks, enhance cash flow and increase profitability while supporting its clients to understand all the nuances of taxes. Moreover, what allowed the company to establish itself so successfully was due to the fundamental values to which the firm adheres to – tailored by its work, relationships, and professional team. “They allow us to be open and fair in our decisions, to build deeper connections with our customers, and to maintain a sustained pace in a dynamic work environment. At the same time, we uphold our ethics and principles with every action and every decision we take – where teamwork, sharing knowledge and relationships matter. We drive successes through strong collaboration and communication,” explains Managing Director Omar Kamal. By recruiting a highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic member at Level, the company can offer a collaborative culture that enables individuals to succeed personally and professionally. Thus, delivering superior tax consulting services to the business community while seemingly contributing to the same communities where they live and work. In addition to its comprehensive services at a top-tier level, Level builds long-lasting commercial relationships with its clients, working closely together to ensure the growth of a business is reached successfully. Moreover, by giving sound, professional and straightforward advice, clients can understand the issues, the solutions, and the progress in a relevant and timely manner that is approached effectively and produces remarkable results. Level is noted for being unlike any other tax firm in the industry, entirely unmatched in its quality of service and professionally acquired success for its clients and, in turn, the company. Omar explains, “We aim to be a breath of fresh air compared to other companies – to be affordable and listen. Our clients aren’t just invoices at the end of the month. Put simply, we have a lot to prove in the market as the newcomer in a saturated industry. We are only successful if our clients succeed.” Level understands that each client and business is unique to itself, operating in different, complex environments. Therefore, planning and staying competitive is of increasing significance for the firm to manage business growth. Always giving 100%, Level offers detailed attention enforced by its talented, pioneering, and innovative staff members. As a result, regardless of the constantly evolving market, Level can manage its client’s business easily, providing optimum results and maximising opportunities to protect their interests. “In the world of accounting, compliance regulations and tax regulations keep getting updated or keep changing. Therefore, we need to stay on top of everything by staying updated. So, we host workshops internally to share information. In addition, with the changing landscape in the UAE, additional reporting requirements such as ESR, UBO, CBCR, & AML have made it necessary to be up to date to provide the best services to its clients and potential clients,” states Omar. With Covid-19 circulating worldwide, the pandemic affected different industries at different lengths. While some industries, such as e-commerce, were booming, others, such as hospitality, were hit heavy with protocols, guidelines, and restrictions. However, utilising the values on which the company was founded upon, Level became aware and patient with its clients, understanding the struggle individuals had and making sure they were at least compliant with the tax laws in the UAE. Henceforth, Level implemented several strategies such as budgets, forecasts, financial controls and cost mitigation plans custom-designed to help businesses steer through the economic chaos of the pandemic. Due to its quality of work, Level’s clients now consist of larger corporations and organisations, this is all down to the strong referrals from existing clients – the only natural form of marketing, word of mouth, and satisfied customers. Company Name: Level Accounts Auditing LLC Contact Name: Omar Kamal Web Address: Contact Emails: [email protected]