Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / Business Awards 2021 65 , Dec21458 Healthy food does not need to be bland or flavourless, a fact which has been repeatedly proven by Marl’s Organic, an Abu Dhabi based health café. Its dishes are packed with organic and healthy ingredients – each bite provides tantalising flavour and a burst of vitamins and minerals. Indeed, Marls Organic is the go-to for simple food that is hearty yet healthy. Best Nutritious Café - Abu Dhabi Focusing on using organic, non-GMO, local farming produce to cater to a variety of customers, Marl’s Organic is stripping the food industry back to its fundamentals. The UAE based café prepares fresh and simple dishes that are a flavourful celebration of all things organic and healthy living. Across breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and hot and cold beverages, Marl’s Organic subverts the concept of healthy food not being appetizing, instead, the meals it provides are nothing short of a treat for the tastebuds. At the centre of the company stands a set of unbreakable core values – accountability, inspiration, teamwork, and empathy. Indeed, the company takes full accountability for the service it delivers and strives to provide quality. In addition, it endeavours to inspire, drawing people onto the path of healthy living. Each element of the business is centred around the customer. For example, if the guest wants an item of the menu adjusted to their taste, Marl’s Organic aims to make it happen. After all, Marl’s Organic believes that the customer comes first. As such, these values are infused within the company’s DNA. With health being a priority for the company, every employee at Marl’s Organic receives training that enables them to educate both themselves and the customer on the importance of organic foods and healthy living. Moreover, the staff are regularly trained in health and safety and hygiene practices, ensuring that Marl’s Organic is not only focusing on the customers, but also its close-knit team. Marl’s Organic has a brilliant unique selling point – unlike many of its competitors, it sources local and international organic ingredients and prices its meals at an affordable rate. Everyone should have access to healthy options, and as a result, Marl’s Organic opts to focus on accessibility. Additionally, each customer gets cool filtered water on the house, as Marls Organic sees this as a good gesture and a ‘welcome to nourishing your body. ’ Since its opening, Marl’s Organic has shot to unprecedented success, a fact which is represented in the reviews of many satisfied customers. One customer, known as Tasneem A, stated, “The food was delicious and surpassed my expectations.” Another encapsulated the very essence of the company within their review, commenting that, ‘For all those health conscience and busy get goers – this is the place to be when you’re on the go and want a moment to grab something extraordinarily simple, tasty, healthy, and good to go.’ “A year and a half into our marriage, we sat down and dreamt about our dream café. We did this for a while, we did it often – but life always found a way to intervene and interrupt. We had our jobs, we had our careers, and of course family was always a priority. Years later, now blessed with our four children, and with our full-time careers, we found time to open a beach contained on Abu Dhabi Corniche in 2017, and a year later we opened the doors to our café in Masdar City – Marl’s Organic. “Throughout our journey, we had many challenges, but we stayed determined and focused, and with the love and support of our family and friends, we kept going, and kept pushing. We also met wonderful people along the way that have helped us grow our Marl’s Organic family and together; we have been able to bring this concept to life as a team, with everyone bringing in their own passion and expertise to the table (no pun intended!). And with that said, we are both grateful to be here today to welcome you to our loving family and invite you on your own personal journey to discover a different organic feeling to a ‘happier yummy in your tummy’, and to be the positive encouragement you need for a healthier you. Not to mention, we believe a happy soul is a soul well fed, and we are obviously all about the feeding!” – Rana Luqman on the history and establishment of Marl’s Organic. Contact: Mohamed AlShaibani and Rana Luqman (MARL) Company: Marl’s Organic Email: [email protected] Web Address: