Business Awards 2021

60 MEA MARKETS / Business Awards 2021 Jan22061 Ha-ShemLimited is aMicrosoft-certified information technology solutions provider that specialises in providing up-to-date technology-based customer solutions and IT procurement services to help businesses become more agile and efficient. We find out more about the company as it is awarded a title in theMEA Business Awards 2021. Best IT Solutions Provider - Nigeria -Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Ha-Shem’s primary goal is to ensure that its clients are making good IT decisions and that they are realising business value from their IT investments. The growth of technology enforces a continuous need for organisations to work faster, smarter, and better; hence, the needs of individuals and organisations increase as they constantly desire productive tools to equip their workforce. As an innovative, highly motivated, and fully equipped company Ha-Shem’s job is to identify and address these continually evolving needs within organisations, and proffer solutions tailored to ensure the effectiveness of the workforce, are of paramount importance. There is more to Ha-Shem than just IT solutions, however. “In today’s world, organisations have a high demand for their staff to be well trained and certified by ensuring that they have enough industry knowledge to deliver excellent result that determines the success and continuous growth of the organisation,” a spokesperson for Ha-Shem explains. “Employers also have a demand for professional certification from potential employees to prove their expertise as a contribution to the growth of the organisation. The problem however is not the fact that individuals are not willing to obtain a certification, but the fact there is a lack of qualified learning institutions and resources in Nigeria.” To address this issue, Ha-Sham launched Ha-Shem Academy which aims to bridge the gap between the demand for industry knowledge and gaining the knowledge, offering an array of courses and qualifications in disciplines including programming, ACCA, CISCO Certification, Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH). As a subsidiary of Ha-Shem Limited, the Academy is a learning institute in partnership with Professional Industry Bodies delivering quality training ensuring your certification path in respective industries. Recently recognised in the MEA Business Awards 2021, Ha-Shem has been named Best IT Solutions Provider – Nigeria for its IT services, as well as its commitment to the training of a new generation or IT professionals. Regarding the future, the company is now moving forward with the end goal of becoming the best IT solutions provider and the best and preferred training institute in the country. Contact Details Company: Ha-Shem Limited Web Address: