Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / Business Awards 2021 57 , Dec21006 Founded by Georges WSaddi, one of the pioneers in Qatar’s lighting industry since 1981, Cube Light has reigned for three decades. Now, embracing change and advancement, Georges has brought the next generation of Saddi’s into his business. In the wake of it being recognised in the prestigious MEA Business Awards, we find out more about this wellestablished company and how it is lighting the way for sustainable living. Best Lighting Design Business – Qatar Consisting of a team of dedicated and creative engineers, architects, designers, and administrators, constantly looking for effective, practical, and beautiful ways to light up your spaces, Cube Light’s eminent portfolio includes hotels, hospitals, restaurants, malls, offices, residential spaces, and commercial spaces. Founder Georges W Saddi strongly believes in offering the best quality in everything he supplies and the services his business can offer. This is why the company has maintained solid and longlasting relationships with the widest range of first-class and trustworthy manufacturers around the world. “We are passionate and enthusiastic advocates of everything eco-friendly,” he enthuses. “For this, we have adopted a sustainable approach to design and are constantly striving to sustain this with as minimal environmental impact as possible, while preserving as much creativity as we can in the process. We work hard day and night to offer you solutions that ensure a high-quality aesthetic while being conscious about our environmental footprint.” Striving to be the leading lighting pioneers and offering its services to the most high-end projects in the MENA region, Cube Light works hard to ensure that it is committed to its clients as it continues to develop to become the most trusted and reliable lighting supplier. “We aim to enhance your everyday life by creating innovative, practical, and sustainable lighting designs,” Georges elaborates. “Detailed, exquisite, simple. This is the quality of the solutions that we offer, catered to your style and the character of your space. We create light from dark, and for us, it is the best journey we could undertake.” The process is divided into two main parts, Design & Execution, and it all begins with an idea – be it the client’s idea or Cube Light’s idea. Then, the determined and highly talented designers come together to develop this idea into a concept. Then the team works closely with architects to improve and execute the initial concept and bring the creative and practical lighting solutions to life. During this journey, starting from the very first meeting to the end result, the client becomes part of Cube Light’s extended family. “We hope in that way, to bring light not only to the spaces but to our clients’ lives and create a magical experience in both the services we offer and the spaces we leave behind,” Georges adds. Having been recently recognised in the MEA Business Awards, and named Best Lighting Design Business – Qatar, Georges and the team are looking forward to a bright and illuminating future! Contact Details Contact: Georges W Saddi Company: Cube Light Web Address: