Business Awards 2021

54 MEA MARKETS / Business Awards 2021 Dec21613 Founded in 2019, ReaGenics is the plant molecular harvesting company behind a unique platformand scale-up technology which allows it to reap the benefits of botanical plants without the need to use valuable land and water resources. We got in touchwith ReaGenics’ CEO, Dr. Michael Kagan to learnmore about the remarkable work the company does. Most Disruptive Global BioTech Company 2021 ReaGenics is building a value-based company culture of healing, where it has been blessed with miraculous plants which possess extraordinary properties to heal, both physically and mentally – a gift the company calls plant medicine. Ancient and indigenous peoples know the secrets of these gifts. However, unfortunately, as people learn more and time passes, the more so that many precious plant species become endangered. ReaGenics’ platform utilises the latest knowhow in biotechnology to access powerful plant molecules while leaving the earth intact. It is focusing on a number of verticals including functional proteins, traditional Chinese medicine, cannabinoids, and therapeutical psychedelics. From the outset, ReaGenics realised that the advantage of plant tissue culture and the production of valuable molecules in bioreactors is the ability to finely control the growing conditions of the biomass and thereby ensure the highest grade and most consistent outputs. Using proprietary bioreactors, it cancels out the dangers, risks, and challenges of traditional agricultural growing to provide consistent, costeffective, on-spec products 100% of the time. This is a necessity particularly for the food industry as well as the cosmetic, medicinal, and pharmaceutical markets. ReaGenics’ location of Israel is the global centre for biotechnology and plant tissue culturing, and it is a country increasing expertise in cannabis genetics and strain selection. It is also one of the leading countries in stem cell research and commercialisation of stem cell technology. Moreover, Israel is considered one of the global hotspots for innovation, R&D, and entrepreneurial success stories in the world. All in all, the domestic atmosphere and business culture creates the perfect ecosystem for ReaGenics to rapidly grow within. Indeed, over the last couple of years, the company has made rapid progress – and in spite of the difficult times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. ReaGenics CEO, Dr. Michael Kagan said, “What we have learnt over the last two years is that the human world is in greater need of our products for its wellbeing and sanity than ever before.” For two years in a row, ReaGenics has been voted as a “game-changer” by industry experts, thanks to its unique combination of seasoned business professionals, top rate plant biologists, access to world-leading scientists, as well as experts in bioreactors. Dr. Kagan said, “We have already proven ourselves able to rapidly bring Proof of Concept validation for our platform and as a strong player in the world of plant medicine. Our technology is improving rapidly and we are constantly building our IP portfolio and knowhow. This, together with our proprietary bioreactors and ability to scale up for the masses with a consistent, cost-effective product, we envision our company to become one of the world disruptors in coming years in the field of tissue culture, nutraceuticals, and eventually pharmaceutical-grade living plant molecules.” Speaking about the outstanding team that make it all happen, Dr. Kagan said, “Each team member is not only an expert in their field, but in their core, they are human beings each with their own talents and needs. Therefore, we must treat each person with respect and like family. Our company culture is one which allows each team member to thrive, be challenged, and run their own project, thereby utilising their knowledge and skills to the maximum. This motivating mindset provides great satisfaction and commitment to the overall tasks and vision of the company. It is important that each team member can also work as an individual as well as be team players to provide a balance of ambition and support.” ReaGenics is now looking towards a very bright future with big plans for expansion. In support, Dr. Kagan shares, “ReaGenics has been awarded a $1.25 million grant by Malta Enterprise to establish a production facility on the island that will be a gateway to EU markets. This facility will come online by the end of Q2 2022 (inshallah), producing a unique formulation for the skin treatment and cosmetics markets.” When asked what kinds of business development plans are in the pipeline he continued with, “…we recently signed a JV agreement with a Canadian company to build a major production facility in Canada. Our Malta facility will act as a beta site for the Canadian site to prove medium scale production of approximately 60 bioreactors prior to the mass scale production facility of approximately 2000 bioreactors in Canada.” It’s clear that ReaGenics is on a fast track to continue it’s groundwork and become one of the main players in their respective verticals. Dr. Kagan concluded with stating that ReaGenics anticipates a have PoC for three of our four planned verticals and will be raising its next round of financing at a significantly higher valuation come Q3 2022. Company: ReaGenics Contact: Michael Kagan Email: [email protected] Website: