Business Awards 2021

50 MEA MARKETS / Business Awards 2021 Dec21272 For those wanting to stay in one of the world’s developed countries, Everest Links Management Consultants offers an astonishing array of different immigration services. With an unparalleled knowledge of the industry, the teamhas achieved incredible results inMEAMarkets’ MEA Business Awards 2021. We dig a little deeper into the way inwhich the firmhas achieved success. Best Canadian Immigration Consultancy - Middle East Since opening their doors in 2013, Everest has made its name in the provision of leading immigration services for those in the Middle East who want to go to Canada. For the last nine years, the team have built up a wealth of experience in this regard which has allowed them to secure incredible success on behalf of their clients. Needless to say, their incredible offering has brought them tremendous popularity that will see the firm thrive. There are many reasons to want to travel to Canada, with the team opening the doors for many to exciting opportunities for their clients. Many of the services offered focus on applications for study permits and admissions to Canadian educational institutions. Every application made with the Everest team is analysed by an expert team who are always contactable for updates. For those who are successful, the team ensure a smooth transition through free immigrant services which includes settlement support. The Everest team is defined by its incredibly high-quality services, with an approach that puts honesty, integrity and perfect advice at the forefront. Every client is unique, and the team take the time to ensure that they are treated with the individual care and attention that they deserve. Those who work at Everest as a consultant are very carefully chosen to meet these incredibly high standards, with daily briefings to everyone in the team so that any updates from the immigration department or educational institutes can be swiftly communicated to clients. Moreso than simple migration technicians, the team at Everest pride themselves on offering a truly cultural approach that is second to none. This is achieved through the use of a diverse selection of employees, which creates an environment where diversity is the norm. Canada is historically famous for its range of citizens from a host of different environments, so it’s little wonder that the team has been able to achieve such incredible success. The cordial atmosphere and friendly team has created an environment where everyone can thrive. The challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic to the team is clear, with many parents being unwilling to send their children to another country with such a high level of uncertainty. This unpredictability has settled down as the world has returned to relative normality, but the last two years have been very challenging. Fortunately, the Everest team has weathered the storm and is now in an incredible position for the pent-up demand. Now, parents want to migrate to Canada with their children! Business has never been stronger for the team and success seems assured for all. To many people, Canada is a path to a freedom that many simply have not dreamed of. For the Everest team, making these dreams come true is their first priority at all times. We celebrate the team’s tremendous success during these difficult times and as they bounce back into a new and unprecedented demand, we look forward to learning more about their amazing achievements. Company: Everest Links Management Consultants Name: Rajan Ahluwalia Email: [email protected] Web Address: