Business Awards 2021

46 MEA MARKETS / Business Awards 2021 Dec21490 In a bold new digital landscape, it’s essential to find ways to push the boundaries of how to connect with their customers. The teamat ddip digital have worked out a newway of reaching people that is as flexible and reactive as their enormous array of clients. We dig a little deeper into how the teamhas been able to achieve such enormous success, and why that has been recognised in theMEA Business Awards 2021. Best Global Independent Digital Strategy & Communication Agency 2021 Experts in design and digital, ddip has proven time and time again that it is a company capable of leading the way when it comes to staying on top of a rapidly changing marketing brief. For many companies, digital marketing has become a vital part of their ability to compete in the international marketplace and ensuring that they remain at the forefront of this trend is critical to their success. Based in both Paris and Istanbul, the ddip team understand better than most the need to look for original ways of thinking. Their approach is built, therefore, around what unites the majority of their clients. For the two teams at ddip, the uniting factor is their language. Both countries speak French, a key part of the company’s overall success. This is because French is spoke around the world and it offers an incredible start to any multilingual or multicultural strategy. No matter what the business, the ddip team are able to offer an affordable solution which is carefully designed to suit the specific needs of the client. Whilst many digital companies offer basic packages, the team at ddip dig deeper to ensure that they are always answering the specific needs of their clients’ organisations. Working with ddip means working with an extensive network of professionals who are always willing to go deeper, in terms of their ideas, their services and their work. Since their inception, ddip has offered a holistic marketing approach to their marketing approach. Instead of focusing exclusively on one specific area, they offer support for companies in terms of social and digital media, digital and mobile advertising, branding and communication as well as brand design. When a company can activate their branding approach on all of these fronts, they can have a real impact on the way in which people interact with a brand. The incredible strategies that the ddip team have worked on have supported the growth both of individual campaigns and of companies as a whole. Through applying their incredible skills to the problems faced by businesses today, it’s easy to see how many have been transformed for the better by the involvement of ddip. Key to this has been the development of a team of experts that can collaborate to see a project through from conception through to creation and execution. Having worked with companies around the world, creating new stories to be shared with potential customers, the team at ddip have a track record to be proud of. Their determination to explore the latest fields of marketing has been a boon to them as the world continues to shift towards digital solutions. Their success is a credit to their tenacity in a increasingly more digital world. Company: ddip digital Name: Sani Levi Email: [email protected] ddip digital